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Yellow Pomander Incense Sticks


Sunlight and Assimilation

  • Keynote:  Fun, laughter and self-knowledge.
  • Fragrance:  Fruity, Lemony, Forest.
  • Essential Oils:  Lemongrass, Citronella, Melisssa, Verbena.
  • Crystal Energies:  Topaz.
  • Chakra:  3rd/Solar Plexus.
  • Qualities:  This pomander carries the joyful, sparkling energy of sunlight and revitalization and may help to access the inner light of intuition and self-knowledge. Useful in all situations where there is a lack of sunlight to brighten the atmosphere around us. May also help to assimilate the life-force energies of Prana through the solar plexus and bring the joy back into life. As an air conditioner has been known to help to revitalize and uplift group energies and dynamics.
  • The Pomanders help to protect and maintain the integrity of the electromagnetic field around the body. The blending and energizing of the herbs, plant extracts, and the energies of the crystals within the colored Pomanders may help to produce an energetic balance within the subtle bodies.
  • Each can contains 30 incense sticks.