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Pomander Violet

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Peaceful mind

Colour: Violet
Fragrance: Violets
Crystal Energies: Amethyst, diamond, quartz

The Violet Pomander is the connection between the Crown Chakra and the Root Chakra - As Above, So Below. The Violet Essence is the opener of perception and awareness.
The Violet Essence acts as the Gateway to the Universal, loosening the minds rigid concern for past, and future, so that we can be more present. In being present we register more and our memory is then more detailed, and we are more appropriate.
Violet frees the thought processes, clearing cluttered or busy minds. It overcomes boredom and gives access to new experiences, as well as gifting us with the awareness of beauty and wonder in everyday life. Use the Violet Pomander to protect the ancient memory banks and the Third Eye.

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