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Pomander pink


Love and self acceptance
Color: Pink
Fragrance : Flowery and sweet
Crystal Energies : Rose quartz, rose tourmaline
The ' vapour essence ' of the Pink Pomander represents the 7 th of the Seven Pillars of The Tree of Life (The Kabbalah). It was given to bring in Love for oneself, and is the instigator and protector of Love as Love - both Universal and unconditional. As such, it is the rest point on the Spiral of Evolvement and the beginning of the New Octave.
The Pink Pomander created to bring in caring for oneself, and is the instigator and protector of our ability to care - both Universal and unconditional.
Pink harmonizes group energies and influences these processes positively, lending itself well to community endeavors. It is useful for children that are out of control as an anti-aggression tool. This Essence aids in attracting love into your aura and radiating love back out to others. As it opens the heart, it protects one from vulnerability, thus releasing the fear of being hurt.

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