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Pomander Gold

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Wisdom and joy

Colour: Gold
Fragrance : Flowery, fruity, like the forest
Crystal Energies : Amber, gold, zincite, citrine
The ' vapour essence ' of the Gold Pomander allows your inherent wisdom to surface as it inspires a deeper connection with your instincts and helps you contact the "inner teacher".
The Gold Pomander is the most powerful ally for contacting and bringing in inherent or ancient wisdom of the past for use in the consciousness expression of every day living. For the understanding of age old lessons, the Gold Essence is a more powerful source of wisdom and knowledge than the Yellow Pomander; thus expediting one's journey on the path to their own Inner Truth.
These "transcendental" vapours move one beyond the Intellect and its judgments (Yellow issues), and focus instead on wisdom and insight. This inspiration brings about spiritual humility connecting us to our Vital Force in the area of our True Aura, just above the navel.

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