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Pomander Emerald Green


Space and decisions
Colour: Emerald Green
Fragrance: Medicinal, warm, like the woods
Crystal Energies: Malachite, Moldive, Emerald

The Emerald Green Pomander can help to indicate The Way, or The Journey. It encourages a new outlook by revealing an awareness of our own truth and direction - " To Thine Own Self be True ".
The Emerald has a calming, centering, and balancing effect on your aura. It is therefore a great tool at times of decision making, especially when you find yourself at a crossroads in life, not knowing which way to go. It is a wonderful essence as it both helps you to find the space you need and protects your space. It also creates the feeling that time and space are available, and that this time and space is safe and is being respected. This assistance with the self revelation process makes it possible to look at aspects of our inner Being that otherwise would be difficult to access.
In using Emerald we can take responsibility for this self processing and are then able to bring it into focus. For those of you who work in Professional Counseling positions use Emerald as follows: apply the substance before a session to help concentrate, and after the session to get back to ones own space - use on both you and your client. It expands the breathing.

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