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B097 - Archangel Uriel





Return Journey of The Sun B19

Matrix 97 + 16/94 + 13/91 + 10/88

This Matrix path sits between spheres 8 and 9

“The light of wisdom shines within. I acknowledge & am open to the expression of Spirit’s communication through my heart.”

Clarity in relation to the true purpose for oneself. A deeper understanding of the heart.

Main Theme:
The ancient wisdom of the golden ray dawns in the conscious mind

Dominant Characteristics: Uriel is a combination which speaks very much of what it is that is within our potential, the refinement of the gold within. It is for this person to polish and refine the inner-most essence of him/herself, that the personality may be digested by that essence, and that service may be revealed as he/she begins to awaken within the depth of him/herself to the deep peace that lies within. The authority and strength that lies within our inner-most being in relation to essence’s nature is one that each person can come to know within themselves.

Potential Challenge Aspects: This person could be blocking the flow of wisdom from the unconscious - refusing to acknowledge light from the sun as a life force energy. May be unable to get in touch with the feeling aspect of the depths of their Being. May wish to be of service but shows this in a very superficial way or may be resisting any form of service at this time. The heart is not being allowed to give the gift of love in this physical realm that is required to be of true service. There could be some severe trauma that is not being recognized for the damage it has been causing on many levels.

Spiritual Level: The golden light shines in from above. The ancient wisdom dawns in the conscious mind. Within the depths of the self, within the unconscious, the support of the communication is flowing in from above. The potential for awakening that lies within as the deep mysteries begin to unfold in the context of the ancient wisdom.

Mental Level: This bottle speaks of a clear seeing into our inner-most depths. It talks of receiving a communication from above and being able to unfold that with coherent wisdom in a chaotic world. This is a relationship with the whole of the feeling aspect within ourselves and the way in which those feelings are to express themselves through whatever it is that is our service in the world.

Emotional Level: It is as though the energies from within the Archangel Michael are now able to come up to the conscious mind. The light from the incarnational star dawns upon a new day. This combination would shake together as the deepest emerald green; the reminder for those in need of the service from the heart.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk, as well as the forehead and hairline.

Affirmation:: I allow the light of wisdom to shine on my unconscious mind. I allow spiritual communication to be expressed through my heart.


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Tarot: 19- The Sun
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

            Where this Bottle B097 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                        This bottle is the return journey of the B019

                                  Pathway between Honor to Foundation   8-9

                                              Guidance of the Path

     Take responsibility for raising yourself.  What you do gives birth to who you are.  The self you are expressing is the self you are creating.

     You have the right to sing and dance with joy in the sun.  Be as a child:simple, innocent and free.

     The adequate response to what you are going through will come naturally to you if you let it.  It will bloom like a flower.  Forcing yourself to respond in a way that seems dishonest interferes with this process.  You are naturally drawn along the path that will bring harmony and balance into your life.  It is your real, inner nature to be a giving source of love, life and light.  Look within and be receptive to your deeper sense of self.

     In your heart exists a sense of yourself in a pure, joyful, loving state.  Your innermost intentions are doubtlessly beyond reproach.  If only you could express this Golden Child, if only you could be your Higher Self!  How long will you continue  to hold-back, to force artificial, unnatural restraints on your self?  Those old patterns harden like a shell.  But it is time for the love, life and light within to come out and live to its full potential.  Give your self to the one you long in your heart to be.

     Now is your opportunity to begin.  Discard old, automatic patterns of action and reaction and be renewed.  It is never too late to make the right decision.  Wherever you are, however you may have done things in the past, give your more pure, inner nature a chance run things in the present.

     Your higher nature is like a child, desiring only to nurture and be nurtured.  Go deeper than your hard and crusty shell and follow the guidance of the child in your heart.  Respect your inner child and give birth to your higher potential.

                                Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to regenerate.  It is your power to nurture, support and bring out the higher potential in yourself and other, and to create new, improved conditions from failing or less adequate condition of the past.  This is accomplished as you follow the guidance of your loving nature and concentrate on doing what you can in the present for the future, not distracted by what may or may not have happened in the past.  Conditions and individuals represented by this Path will tend to seem easy to deal with, natural and full of hope.  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you to base your choices on what is, rather than on what was, and to be guided in your self expression by the self you want to be.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 121-122