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B094 - Archangel Michael


“I feel the expansion of the heart as I open myself to acceptance. I feel a deep sense of connection with the earth & all she offers to me.”

An intense truth is revealed in relation to the evolution of consciousness.

Main Theme:
Surrender of the individual will to the Divine will, so as to be in a partnership with God

Dominant Characteristics: This individual understands that the little self (yellow) must be willing to live underneath (in accordance) with the Divine blueprint (blue). Willing to place their needs second for the greater good and peace contained within Source. This person trusts in the process of life and looks for the good in all situations. Therefore, for the most part, they are able to rise above judgments and attachments; rather, exchanging these qualities for surrender into the "I Am" consciousness. This individual is capable of allowing themselves and others the space, time and understanding that is needed to live in their personal integrity and light.

Potential Challenge Aspects: This combination gives a clue that we no longer need to grasp for an identity based on strong patterns of identifying with roles and old patterns of behavior. The Archangel Michael is often depicted with a his sword cutting away at the dross of our lower nature - destroying the dragon which lies at its feet. Really, the sword he wields, metaphorically represents insight and compassion. The higher will in relation to our lower will. Therefore, this bottle challenges the individual to the greatest battle of all in becoming one, and detaching from the ego or smaller self. Anything that is being resisted is the thing that separates us or stands in the way of our reunion with the one source or God.

Spiritual Level: Here we find the first two masters El Moyra (pale blue) and Kuthumi (pale yellow) co-operating as they care for this planet and the beings upon it. It is like the caring that each pours down on the planet individually combines as it comes toward the planet. Their energies combine as the master Hilarion (pale green) creating a powerful trinity that reminds us of "the way, the truth and the light" expressing as the divine level of integrity within ourselves. This is the connection between the angelic realm and the hue-man realm. It is no coincidence then that it should be an Archangel bottle.

Mental Level: This is where we are challenged to go deeper, so as to trust the process - to trust that Thy will - will be done. To accomplish this, it is necessary to move away from the pure logic (the yellow) and bring ourselves into the state of grace the blue represents - that of speaking our truth. Archangel Michael offers understanding and joy if we are willing to journey within as oppose to without for the Truth.

Emotional Level: It is for this person to let go of the lower level emotions that cause resistance in favor of the higher levels of emotion. In other words, moving energy at a higher level of consciousness - allowing oneself to simply trust that the universe is working the highest good for all Life, which includes hue-mans. To give oneself over completely to service at the highest levels.

Where to Apply the Substance: Along the spine from the solar plexus to the base of the neck on the front or back of the body.

Affirmation: I let go of the fear and trust the higher will.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Angel Set. This is the first time that the blue - pure and simple - has appeared above the yellow. A remarkable fact in that these colours are the two primaries found in all other colour combinations. The pale forms of these colours (more light) shows how intense the issue of grasping the potential that is possible for the earth, if we assume the necessary consciousness that "we are One and must live as such".

Tarot: 16- The Tower Tree of Life: Corresponds to the Sphere of Hod
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

                Where this Bottle B094 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                            This bottle is the return journey of B016

                                  Pathway between Victory to Honor   8-7

                                         Guidance of the Path

     Accept the fallibility of human creatures, as well as the fallibility of the ideas and concepts of human understanding.  Whatever you conceive a thing to be, it will prove to be quite different before long.  Eventually, the limitations inherent in any human design make it untenable and it then must be revised or discarded.   It is therefore wise not to place too much importance on your beliefs, opinions and desires.  What seems just "right" today will eventually seem ust as "wrong"; and vice versa.

     Theories, ideas and opinions are temporary at best, and even then they can only point to a fraction of the truth.  Utilize them but avoid becoming stuck in them.

     Disruption is a natural fact of life.  Sooner or later a force will enter any condition as a chaotic influence.  Accept it as a natural phenomenon although it make shake you to the bone.  Do not question yourself and think that you must have made a wrong decision because you suddenly find yourself dissatisfied.  Any choice your make will eventually encounter a cycle of disorder.

     Have the humility to be flexible with regard to the standards you set for yourself and others.  There is more to each individual than can be understood.  Your standards represent the limitation of your understanding of what would be best. of what "should" happen.  And yet, just because things do not occur as you expect, that does not mean that the way they are happening is inferior.  You do not know what you can only believe.

     Upon leaving your expectations behind, you may find yourself disoriented and uncertain.  Things may seem so up in the air that you cannot even formulate an opinion, nor have any idea of what to do.  Learn how to live without expectations.

                                     Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to move beyond your ideas and expectations.  All theories, assumptions and speculations are at best like drops from the ocean of truth.  Your concepts and opinions, and the schemes you base upon them, are limited, transitory and imperfect.  It is therefore wise not to place too much value or importance on your point of view, or anyone else's for that matter.  The unforeseen, overlooked, unpredictable, un-included sooner or later enters to upset the status quo.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path will tend to involve a departure from established trends and destabilization of existing patterns.  Experiences represented by this Path are teach you how to live beyond your expectations.

copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 112-113