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B090 - Wisdom Rescue


“I find myself illumined as I rest in the belly. Living my life from this new perspective.”

The initiate finds the way to able to be active in the world.

Main Theme: To embrace one’s own confusion

Dominant Characteristics: A teacher (even if this person does not work in the educational field) who has solved the most profound problems related to confusion within. Radiates joy, even when he/she does not feel like it. Knows about the power of Divine love. It is as though this person has found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which contains the ancient wisdom that can now flow into the world. The rainbow stands for the peace treaty between God and humans after the flood. This means that this person is someone who has made peace with God. He/she carries hope for the future within.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Is possessed by all kinds of fears relating to self-worth. Wants to possess personal power and strives for it. Uses tactics of fear to influence and manipulate others. Is confused and does not know how to behave, but nevertheless, he/she pretends to have no problems. Denies the wisdom that arises because this person knows that he/she would have to act responsibly, as a consequence.

Spiritual Level: Helps to consciously express inner wisdom by bringing the love that is there into small, everyday matters. Brings about an understanding of alchemistic matters, which enhance the qualities of love.

Mental Level: Transforms fear that is related to abuse and power, into the wish for joy. Helps people who have to study a lot to retain information and utilize it in practical ways.

Emotional Level: Stimulates joy even if somebody has just encountered difficulties. Helps the individual accept the reasons for that which has provoked the greatest fears, and enables him/her to recognize that he/she already carries within that which will be of help.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire abdomen.

Affirmation: Out of my chaos rises a new order.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Rescue Set. Aids people who have condemned themselves so much for their little mistakes that they cannot express their great strengths. In past life therapy, it can connect people to incarnations with the Mayans.

Tarot: 12- the Hanged Man

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                Where is Bottle B090 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                          This bottle is the return journey of B012

                              Pathway between Severity to Honor    5-8

                                         Guidance of the Path

     Base your choices and decision on something more reliable than a passing whim, mood, or emotional reaction.  If your emotions are swinging you high or low, what you choose will be unbalance and therefore transitory and unstable.  Give yourself a chance to settle down, then take a look from a still point of inner peace.  From that balanced perspective you can receive a more meaningful and reliable vision on which to base your actions.

     Look deeper that appearances which trigger off desire.  While you are in a state of for or against your perspective will be biased and your partiality unsubstantiated by the facts.  Only from a neutral, unprejudiced position can you make the most reliable assessment of the facts as they are.  

     The more one wants to go forward and make a change, the longer one must wait.  This is because the impatient urge to take action distorts reason and judgement.  The choices one makes under this internal pressure will tend to be based on hasty, superficial observation that is all too often misleading.  The typical result of taking action too soon is having to go back and do it over.  Concentrate on releasing yourself from the urge to act or react: remain completely unmoved by anyone's expectations.

     Examine your circumstances until you see a path which you can take which will be upheld and supported by the higher ordering forces of the universe.  The only path which does this is the one which is itself in support of higher forces and conditions.

                                  Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to recognize what supports higher, better conditions and to release attachment to what does not.  This power rests on your ability to view yourself and your circumstances impartiality, from an emotionally balanced, patient point of inner stillness.  It also depends upon your willingness to surrender to your higher motives or intentions which cannot even be felt when you are reeling with emotion or desire, or ensnared by blind materialism.  Conditions and individuals represented by this Path will tend to be characterized as ethereal and unusual, as well as supportive of one's higher qualities and aspirations.  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you to base your choices on clear and higher motives.

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