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B089 - Energy Rescue



     Deep Magenta

Deep Magenta

Return Journey of Strength B011

Matrix 89 + 17/95 + 14/92 + 11/89

This matrix path is between spheres 4 and 5

“I am open to see the creativity in all the aspects of life that present themselves to me.”

A time shift, a gateway to a new understanding, and a new possibility towards enthusiastic well-being.

Main Theme: To attain healing energy

Dominant Characteristics: A person with a lot of energy; a determined person who injects others with energy. Someone who devotes his/her sexual energies to the growth of awareness. Has overcome sexual difficulties. Is able to heal with energy (Shiatsu, acupuncture, etc.) Is knowledgeable in money matters, and also in the use of time. Matters that are difficult for other people, this person manages with ease.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Has great problems with sexuality. All other problems are connected to this area. Also has difficulties in managing everyday matters. Is inclined toward anger, as well as constant justification. If this person has hurt people through anger, he/she tends to justify these actions.

Spiritual Level: Awakens the kundalini energy, the true Self, the Logos, in oneself. Stimulates healing energies. Facilitates personal growth.

Mental Level: Helps with determination. Changes the way the user deals with anger that comes from external sources. Also changes behavior relating to money issues.

Emotional Level: Assists in coping with anger and frustration. Supports the healing of sexual difficulties. Releases resentment, especially if related to relationships. Helps with extreme lack of self-acceptance, especially if this lack is caused by an emotional problem.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire lower abdomen.

Affirmation: Energy follows the intent.


ASIACT and North America Aura-Soma LLC make no claims that these products heal the physical body.  It is up to the individual to decide how each product works for themselves. 
Tarot: 11-Strength

Copyright is owned by ASIACT

                 Where this Bottle B089 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                            This bottle is the return journey of B011

                                Pathway between Mercy to Severity    5-4

                                          Guidance of the Path

     How do you respond to your impulse to react?  You have a choice, you know.  You do not have to react in the way that your initial impulse determines.  Observe your impulse to say something, to think about something, to indulge in a feeling or to take physical action of some kine.  Before responding to that impulse reconsider your aim or purpose.  Regardless of how strong that impulse is, you do not have to be controlled by it.  Your drives and desires need not usurp the power to direct your life which rightfully belongs to your higher will.

     When the impulse to react is strong it seems that the power to do anything else is weak by comparison.  For example, if someone says something we do not like, the urge is to "rip his head off".  The more tolerant, constructive approach is far more gentle.  You might speak softly as you attempt to complete what you have started together, over-looking the other's crude remark.  Apply gentle, persistent pressure in the direction that you intend things to go.  Rise above the forces and conditions that arise to block your way.  Concentrate on constructing something better rather than battling against something worse.


     It is an act of utmost humility to be non-resistant toward uncooperative, unsupported trends and individuals.  Those who take antagonism personally feel the need to become angry, upset and frightened when things do not happen as they wish.  You can rise above that petty need to be treated differently.  Humble, forward movement can take you to the highest levels of attainment.

     Your influence can succeed in transforming any adversity into advantage if it is applied with love, intelligence and patience.  In the process, you yourself will be transformed: your higher, more loving and intelligent impulses and tendencies will grow stronger.

                                 Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to rise above your lower nature and strengthen your Higher Nature which can do all things in love, will and wisdom.  This occurs as you draw the energy out of the control of your more crude, destructive impulses and direct that energy into more intelligent, loving, patient action.  This process is called, Transmutation.  To transmute means to take something of lesser worth and transform it into something of greater worth.  Individuals and conditions represented by the Path will tend to be characterized by a release of great power and an opportunity for mild change, progress or improvement.  The experience represented by this Path is teaching you how to apply gentle measures of control aimed at creating something better.

copy write owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 88-89