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B088 - Jade Emperor





Return Journey of The Wheel of Fortune B10

Matrix 88 + 16/94 + 13/91 + 10/88 

This matrix path sits between sphere 4 and 7

“I allow the inner quality to manifest from within me in all the actions or inaction that I make.”

As we plant so shall we reap, but it is the way that we plant that makes a difference.

Main Theme: Love of nature - the communication from the depths of peace through one’s feelings

Dominant Characteristics: Carries deep peace within and wants to share this feeling with others. Is especially concerned with world harmony. A fighter for the truth with an infectious love of life and nature. Is in harmony with his/her feelings. A writer, poet, and painter who lives through creative expression . Has a sharp intellect, but also understands other people with the heart. Encourages others to grow and creates space for them to do so. Loves internal and external journeys. Follows the path of the heart and walks his/her (spiritual) way with clarity and determination.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Has difficulties with the male role model (in him/herself and externally), as well as with the expression of truth and of emotions. Feels deceived, especially in matters of the heart. Holds high standards, and criticizes people who do not live up to their standards (this applies to all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical).

Spiritual Level: Provides contact with the infinite aspects of the inner being. Places own truth into focus and helps to find peace.

Mental Level: Releases creative blocks. Helps to overcome mental conflicts related to jealousy or envy (the person’s own feelings, as well as those projected by others.

Emotional Level: Useful in solving relationship problems. Releases emotional blocks. Shows that which is emotionally true for the individual. Opens to love and understanding of nature. Helps to create the space necessary to regain balance.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area and around the throat and neck.

Affirmation: I open myself to my love of nature.


ASIACT and North America Aura-Soma LLC make no claims that these products heal the physical body.  It is up to the individual to decide how each product works for themselves. 
Tarot: 1-The Wheel of Fortune

Copyright is owned by ASIACT

                 Where this Bottle B088 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                                This bottle is the return journey of B10

                                    Pathway between Mercy to Victory  4-7

                                             Guidance of the Path

     Know what you intend to accomplish, use your will and dare to go for it.  Waste none of your motivation taking about it until the job is done.  Silence was the ancients sacred key for directing the wheel of destiny.  However, there are bound to be alternating cycles of opportunity and oppositions.  To expect a smooth ride with bumps or hitches is unbalanced and unrealistic optimism.

     While you can expect things to go up and down, set-back need not deter you from your chosen course.  When things are getting out of hand relax your hold and drop your expectations.  Avoid depending upon anything happening in any particular way.  Trust that whatever is too difficult to change or to control is adequate the way that it is.

     Remain alert to seize opportunities for advancement, to side-step avoidable pitfalls and to withdraw yourself from paths that lead astray.  To some degree the forces of "luck" or fate are in charge of the outcome or final product of your efforts.  This is

    In a sense, there is a contradiction or paradox at work here.  You are advised to apply the formula for directing your destiny, but at the same time to sit loose to life, to roll with the punches and to trust in the adequacy of what actually happens.  These two approaches do not negate each other.  Combined they equal balance, the balance of flexible trust with assertive self-determination.  Do your best and expect to win.  However, avoid being carried away positively or negatively when things seem to be going with you or against you.  Ultimately, this balanced approach will bring you an adequate approximation of exactly what you seek.

                              Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to master the cosmic laws of cycle and return.  There is no such thing as a missed opportunity.  Everything is cyclic: everything returns.  You will have another chance.  It is therefor unwise to clutch too tightly to that which is passing, or to reach too forcefully for what you cannot have for now.  What you strive for you will receive, if not this time, perhaps next time: if not the, the time after.  Gain and loss spin like a wheel.  With each new turn we learn new lessons and gain new strength, until at last we have grown to be able to receive what we could not have handled sooner.  Conditions and individuals represented by this Path can be characterized as risky, but with high potential. The experience represented by this Path is teaching you to accept what happens as exactly what you need, and to avoid taking anything too seriously.


Copy write owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 94-95