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B087 - The Wisdom of Love


“I say goodbye & let go of the past. I am grateful to the present. I feel the warmth & caring within & around.”

To be able to see oneself beyond the reflection of self. The wisdom of love.

Main Theme: Love wisdom - at all levels. Unrequited love

Dominant Characteristics: A person who can impart deep insights to others and who is useful as a vehicle for love and wisdom. Always lends an ear to others. Is very efficient and often works in a position with a lot of responsibility. Knows how to beautify his/her surroundings. Enjoys aesthetics. Generally feels great joy. Loves nature. Understands new technology. Has talents for coordination and for counseling.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Repeatedly falls in love with people who do not return love as they receive it (because they are already in a relationship, or some similar situation). If a relationship would be possible, then the love stays unrequited. Promises made to this person are constantly broken (also by parents, friends, etc.). Possibly this person was abused. He/she doesn’t trust because there have been many unpleasant experiences to deal with.

Spiritual Level: Brings the Christ energy in its new grounded way into the user’s life. Helps to gain spiritual insights and to connect with deep inner joy.

Mental Level: Increases efficiency. Enables the person to see clearly what needs to be done first.

Emotional Level: Eases the feeling that "nobody loves me". Brings self-love into life and opens to love coming in from outside. Assists in overcoming disappointments, as well as the fear of not being good enough. Helps ease shocks, especially if they are related to relationships.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire lower abdomen, as well as along the right side of the body, from the right earlobe down to the right ankle.

Affirmation: I say goodbye to the past and hello to love.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the New Aeon Chakra Set. Beneficial in cases of abuse (see the "Distinctive Qualities" of Bottle #5). Also helpful in past life therapy when dealing with the subjects of shock, abuse, and unrequited love in past incarnations. Can establish a connection with past lives spent with the North American Indians.

Often people feel drawn to this bottle at first sight. In this case, it is recommended that they use this bottle first and then take a break for a few days in order to wait for its effects, and following that, to choose the favorite bottle(s) anew. This choice is likely to turn out in a completely different way because work has been done on the problem of "unrequited love", which overshadowed everything else.

Tarot: 9-The Hermit

Copyright is owned by ASIACT

             Where this Bottle B087 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                      This bottle is the return journey of B009

                          Pathway between Mercy to Beauty  6-4

                                   Guidance of the Path

     Be as a light that shines with your own highest influences.  Use your will to insist upon your own best efforts.  There is no need to oppose anyone, nor to directly oppose the trend of events.  Be as detached and disinterested in what is going on as in necessary for you to focus mainly on raising the quality of your response to the highest possible level.

     Who are you, really?  Identify yourself with your higher potential.  Then, be less concerned with how others are acting, and more concerned with being true to yourself.

     There is a point where we must be unconcerned with how we are received by others, or with the impact our actions have upon them.  This is not to suggest that we are to be less compassionate.  It is more a matter of respecting their free will as you concentrate on living up to your own standards.  Another way of stating this is to strive to express beauty as you see it rather that playing to the audience driven by the false need for their approval.

     Reserve judgement of yourself and others, and resist the urge to criticize or condemn.  Keep a close watch on yourself for the purpose of the higher self expression, not lower self-regard.  Keep your inner eye focused on the ideal you are striving to achieve and it will draw you toward it.  

     Protect yourself with wisdom: there is no weapon superior to it.  Your own ability to make intelligent choices will take you where you want to go.  to the summits of achievement go the wise.  It is wise to place your best foot forward.

                         Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to identify with your Higher Self.  The keys to accomplishing this are your will and self-awareness.  Use your will to drop the habit of trying to change, control and manipulate others.  As the sages teach: "You give away your power to reach your own higher potential by insisting on others changing to make you happy".  Observe your own actions and reactions, and use your will to function at your highest potential.  This is a never ending process of taking oneself higher and higher into the purified realms at the summits of wisdom.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path will tend to require a special effort to express one's best, but with that exists a special opportunity to do so.  Experiences represented by this Path are teach you to focus on raising yourself, improving the way you do things, instead of criticizing and condemning others or your circumstances.

Cope write owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 91-92