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B085 - Titania


“I am a being of light. I am creative.”

Light within, the path of individuation unfolds in the conscious mind.

Main Theme: Expression of suppressed feelings

Dominant Characteristics: An artist who truly expresses and lives creativity. Gives so much of what he/she’s got into art, that he/she feels empty. ("Emptiness" in this context means that which is the important aim of some spiritual traditions.) Has the ability to speak before other people. Also is able to communicate in nonverbal ways - for example, through artistic expression or through massage. May work with computers, and in this field, always finds solutions. Is in touch with his/her inner teacher. A generous person, especially with time.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Has not yet solved inner emotional conflicts. Had to suppress feelings in childhood. Has accumulated anger about various matters, also about the inability to express feelings. Because of emotional blocks, is unable to use his/her own rational mind. Is afraid of the male aspect, so badly that he/she is blocked by it at times.

Spiritual Level: Opens up to intuition. Enables this person to express his/her own light and to release deep blockages from the past, especially if they are related to the inability to speak about spiritual matters.

Mental Level: Reveals current emotional problems. Helps to express feelings and release blockages. Beneficial for stage fright, fear of technical equipment (technophobia), and difficulties with foreign languages.

Emotional Level: Releases problems with authority linked to fear. Can also help find the joy in situations that have previously led to anxiety. Enables the user to release stored tears.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area.

Affirmation: Life is love. I love life.

Distinctive Qualities: Can aid those who have (had) problems with implants.

Tarot: 7-The Chariot

Copyright is owned by ASIACT

             Where this bottle B085 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                       This bottle is the return journey of B007

                              Pathway between Understanding to Severity 3-5

                                    Guidance of the Path

     The ability to stop, to stand and hold your ground physically, emotionally and mentally is a great skill worth the effort to win.  There is no point in moving when there is no direction worth taking.  Keep your thoughts, feelings, speech and actions in neutral until you can apply them in an intelligent direction.

     The motion and commotion of scattered, superficial thoughts, speech, emotions and activity are influences of interference that limit clear understanding and block sound judgement.  Moods effect your receptivity.  If you are feeling high or low you are more susceptible to the destructive influences of your environments as well as those which stem from your pwn past habits.  Therefore, concentrate on your inner peace and stillness before bringing your influence to bear on your circumstances.

     Take into account the fact that the thoughts, feeling and attitudes of those around you are impinging upon you.  Every individual radiates how they are.  Before responding to an urge, impulse or idea first check to make certain that it is yours, that works for you and that its truth arises of of the depths of your own being.  This builds a kind of fence of protection around you.  Remember that you are an individual and you must protect our individuality to be true to yourself.  You have your own star of destiny and your own ways of doing things.  Have the courage to be original and lose the false need to fit in, to be accepted or even to be understood.

     Alertness is you armor, and will is the reins by which you can steer the chariot of your destiny.  Choose non-reactivity until you see an intelligent way to respond.  Realize that you are responsible for the consequences of what ever you say, think or do.  Another may insist, plead or even command - but your choice of repose is your responsibility.

                                Experience Represented by the Path 

     This Path represents your power to detach from inferior influences in order to ready yourself to receive and to follow a more intelligent vision.  It also refers to you poser to be true to yourself despite the pressures others may put on you to be more agreeable or to live up to their expectations.  Conditions and individuals represented by this Path will ten to warrant careful scrutiny and self -restraint.  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you that being true to yourself requires the strength to resist doing what others want or expect, as well as the strength to resit your own unbalanced moods and impulses.


copywrite owned by Bob Lancer ,Place it on the Tree page 85-86