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B080 - Artemis

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“In this moment I am free.”

The energy to let go, to get in touch with love again. Love becomes more unconditional. The potential to awaken to the power of love.

Main Theme: Awakening to the power of love and letting go

Dominant Characteristics: A very energetic person who know how much energy, power, strength, and courage he/she possesses. Is successful in work and uses his/her intuition. Handles the material side of life very well. Is awakened very quickly to the spiritual. Has had a direct experience with the Christ Consciousness. Can share love and warmth with others. Is creative, artistically talented, and musical, as well as reliable and responsible. Can bring his/her vision to earth and realize it.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Carries around a lot of anger in connection with the feminine aspect, perhaps resulting from bad experiences with the mother. Has sexual problems that he/she does not recognize; therefore, they cannot be resolved. Also has difficulty with survival issues. Trusts neither life nor other people nor him/herself. Believes that there is not enough love and is angry about it.

Spiritual Level: Opens the user to love. Shines a light on difficult facts in his/her own life. Changes the attitude that is behind a lack of self-love and compassion.

Mental Level: Supports the individual in coping with survival issues in connection with a letting go of aggression.

Emotional Level: Releases feelings of disconnection. Useful after separation or divorce; brings back self-love. Helps couples who want or expect a child to gain access to emotions such as responsibility and love.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire abdomen.

Affirmation: In this moment I am free.

Distinctive Qualities: People who work in caring professions can with the help of this substance, reconnect with their resources of love and their physical strength.

Tarot: 2-The Priestess
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

                  Where B080 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                             This bottle is the return journey of B002

                                       Pathway from Crown to Beauty  1-6

                                               Guidance of the Path

     Trust your own capacity to receive higher consciousness from within.  If you need to know something, take the time to look within and remain open and receptive to what occurs to you.  Sometimes, the best guides that one can give to another is , "Use your own ability to receive from within yourself what you need to know."

     Your subconscious mind is your connection with Higher Mind, which has unlimited potential.  Be open to the knowledge you can receive within and, if it seems reasonable, test it out by applying it in your situation.

     You only limit what you can know by the limits you believe in.  The substance of your consciousness i like water in that it can take any shape.  The more trusting, open and flexible you are to your mind's capacity to provide you with the solution to your problem, the more quickly that solution is likely to occur, and the more brilliant it is apt to be.  State your problem or question clearly to yourself or simply focus your attention on what it is you need to know.  Then, trust that your subconscious will reveal to you the knowledge it has which pertains to you need.

     Remain emotionally balanced, calm and patient as you await the insight you require.  The more relaxed you are, the more profoundly your subconscious responds to your direction.  Stay alert: the subconscious responds to the conscious mind most subtly.  If you are not vigilant, you may miss it.


                                Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents the power of your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious is your access to Higher Mind abilities.  This includes personal and collective memories, higher understanding and more expansive awareness in general that is ordinarily beyond the range of your conscious mind.  For instance, there is virtually nothing you can hide from anyone because their subconscious mind can detect it.  Individuals and Conditions represented by the Path will ten to be characterized by un-clarity and uncertainty which will require deep, intuitive sensing to figure out.  Experiences represent by this Path are teach you to patiently reflect upon matters to receive the knowledge, guidance or answers that you need.


copywrite owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 70-71