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B079 - The Ostrich Bottle

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“I meet the difficulties & obstacles in life with renewed enthusiasm.”

Insight and transformation. Healing of the time line.

Main Theme: Spiritual shock - a deep healing from within

Dominant Characteristics: A very happy person who has gained deep insights and uses them to serve others. Acts instead of reacting. Searches for spiritual truth. Very effectively supports people who are experiencing hardships. Has found a balance between spirituality and emotions. Is deeply involved in his/her own task and enjoys fulfilling it, even if it is difficult and costs him/her a lot.

Potential Challenge Aspects: This person’s thoughts are ruled by feelings. Does not want to surrender but wants to run away ("like and ostrich"). Carries old heartaches within. May have been disappointed by a spiritual teacher. Is in deep shock because he/she has lost somebody who meant a lot to him/her.

Spiritual Level: Releases spiritual shocks and brings through the information contained therein so it can be integrated, which can result in great inner growth.

Mental Level: Assists in releasing old patterns, thereby helping the individual reach his/her potential.

Emotional Level: Heals relationships that are dependency and co-dependency related. Promotes independence and self-love.

Where to Apply the Substance: Along the hairline and around the abdomen.

Affirmation: I gladly accept the challenges of life.

Distinctive Qualities: Powerful remedy for the "Etheric Gap". Can point out that someone is confronted by his/her own death or the death of a friend or relative. Helps break free from addictions. In past life therapy, it can connect with incarnations in Ancient Egypt.

Tarot: 1-The Magician

Copyright is owned by ASIACT

           Where this bottle B0079 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                          This bottle is the return journey of B001

                                Pathway from Crown to Understanding  3-1 

                                           Guidance of the Path

     By holding the mind steadily focused, directed upon a single point, the focal-point becomes transparent and inner meaning is revealed.  This power of concentration is put to its greatest use when it is focused inward, toward the Higher Will of your True Self which is guiding you from the innermost core of your being.

     Your energy will ten to follow the direction of your attention.  Whatever you hold your attention on receives your power.  It is therefor wise to be aware of what you are giving your attention to.

     In most cases, until one has awakened sufficiently to the inner working of the self, one's power of attention seems to be rules by external events which trigger automatic reaction of thought, desire and emotion.  However, the rightful place of attention is a the master of these lower forces.  If you hold attention on something you want, your desire for it is going to be stimulated.  If you concentrate on a particular line of thought, you will soon notice a train of connecting ideas following one another along that line.

     Place you attention under the direction of your will.  Instead of acting and reacting blindly, decide on what you intend to achieve and concentrate on the process of it accomplishment.  If your mind drifts in other directions, bring it back to a single-pointed focus on your objective.  Gradually, your subconscious will receive your message and you will find things happening in line with your intentions.


                         Experience Represented by the Path

        This path represents Your power of concentration, or attention ruled by will.  A wise one has said that when you become aware of what is running your attention you will discover what is running your life.  What you intend, and what you give your attention to are important factors in you life because they significantly influence what happen to you.  You need not be a victim of your intentions and attention.  Make them conscious and you gain control of them:  you will naturally release them from lower attachments and make them available to serve higher, more intelligent purposes.  As a result, the direction of your life will take on greater meaning.  Individuals represented by this Path will tend to demonstrate initiative and intelligence.  Conditions represented by the Path will tend to reveal deep mysteries and require a disciplined focus.  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you to take responsibility for your intentions and to take control of your attention.

copy-write owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree pg 67-68