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B072 - The Clown Pagliacci



     Violet flecked with Gold


“I honor the child within me & know that the child can enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Joyful insights to be communicated from within.

Main Theme: To free the "sad clown"

Dominant Characteristics: A person who has a lot of self-respect, without being arrogant. Knows his/her emotional needs, whereby a sense of independence has been reached. Speaks from the depths of his/her own experience, thereby touching others. Insights and instincts truly come from deep within and can also materialize, for example, in art. A person who is devoted to his/her work. Often this person works as an artist, gardener, or as a therapist to those with sexual problems. Can give and receive well. Is able to give up his/her "little ego" for something greater. Has a lot of humor, radiates harmony and humility. Is able to step aside repeatedly and thus, constantly view things anew.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Has had a deep shock, about which he/she can hardly speak. Leans towards relationships where there is a sense of dependency. Tends towards addiction. Has difficulty letting in and expressing feelings. A childish, defiant person who needs recognition and appreciation to the extreme.

Spiritual Level: Stimulates insight and deep happiness. Aids the user in expressing his/her inner truth. Brings peace after a deep spiritual shock. Connects the individual with true humility.

Mental Level: Allows for an understanding of mental processes. Makes it easier to differentiate whether the "little ego" or the higher self is speaking.

Emotional Level: Helps realize which personality aspect is speaking now. Enables the user to care for his/her own emotional needs.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.

Affirmation: "I assure you that whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it."


ASIACT and North America Aura-Soma LLC make no claims that these products heal the physical body.  It is up to the individual to decide how each product works for themselves. 

Tarot: 7 of Pentacles
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

                 Where Bottle B072 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                                             Sphere Victory #7

 "Earth Signs" reveal an attunement with the world of physical forms and a practical ability to utilize and improve the material world.    Seven of Pentacles

                                            Guidance of the Sphere

     Be confident and move toward your goals boldly.  This releases your higher potential and attracts opportunity.

     Follow your feelings.  They can sense what is happening beneath the surface and know what is beyond the rational mind. However, when one is emotionally unbalanced feelings cannot be trusted; they will ten to convince you of what you want to believe or fear is true. 

     Your feelings are magnetic.  They are attracting to you circumstances of like pattern and vibration.  As the ancients knew well, we tend to experience what we have faith will happen to us.  Feeling draw to you the thought you think.  Low moods of fear and discouragement attract thoughts which make the worst seem real.  Choose your feelings consciously and detach from those which are working against you.

     When one is low in vitality it is easier to think negatively.  Faith requires life-force.  A negative view of things can require nothing more than rest, relaxation or some either form of rejuvenation to help you see things in a more balanced and realistic way.  Participating in the beauty of romance, art, music or nature can do wonders for increasing one’s attitude.

     Cultivate constructive desires.  If you lack interest or motivation to do something that is necessary, you have probably been focused on desires for other things.  Take control of your attention and hold it focused on what needs to be done.  Drop thoughts which leave you feeling negative or discouraged.

                                    Experience Represented by the Sphere

     The seventh Sphere represents the feeling-nature of the personality.  This includes the feeling of emotion, desire, romance, the sexual urge and the drive to create art or beauty.  It is named Victory to demonstrate the significant influence that our feelings have on ourselves, others and our environment.  When one’s drives and desires are aligned with achieving an objective, one’s success or Victory is sure to follow.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Sphere will tend to be characterized by creativity, vitality and emotionalism.  They are likely to exhibit desirable, empowering and attractive qualities.  Experiences represented by this Sphere are teaching you to trust your inner feelings as a guide, and to be self-confident.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer; Place it on the Tree page 52-53