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B070 - Vision of Splendor

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“I open myself to joy & I see the light beginning to shine within me.”

The clarity to see the bigger picture more openly. To gain knowledge in relation to the vibration of the light.

Main Theme:
To gain greater clarity

Dominant Characteristics: A sincere person who possesses a strong intellect, combined with empathy. Has knowledge from the past and is interested in philosophy. Finds joy in meditation. Knows him/herself very well. Is patient, active, and loves to be in nature. Can talk about inner experiences very well.

Potential Challenge Aspects: This person is afraid to reveal him/herself, so there is a tendency to stay out of life. An inactive loner. Hides his/her talents, acts in an over intellectual manner (meaning that this person exaggerates self-portrayal to the extent that he/she makes a repulsive or suspicious impression on others).

Spiritual Level: Connects to the astral world and can remove confusion that occurred in connection with that aspect. Provides protection. Helps to overcome lethargy. Aids in gaining insights, especially into the nature of consciousness.

Mental Level: Removes mental confusion and intellectual self-satisfaction. Brings joy, especially in and of one’s own thought processes. Connects with inner wisdom. Facilitates integration of newly acquired knowledge (does not apply to children, only to adults).

Emotional Level: Awakens ambition (in the positive sense). Helps to cope with loneliness and to find contentment.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire solar plexus area.

Affirmation: By opening myself to joy, I gain clarity.

Distinctive Qualities: Can facilitate "automatic writing".

Tarot: 9 of Pentacles
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

                Where this Bottle B070 Sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                                        Sphere of Foundation #9

"Earth Signs" reveal an attunement with the world of physical forms and a practical ability to utilize and improve the material world. Nine Pentacles

                                      Guidance of this Sphere

     Examine established patterns to determine how well they are working for you in the present: replace those that now work against you.  Rely upon trends from the past that are still working.  The energy of momentum can open many doors that a new start would have to wait for.

     Take your memories in hand.  Release from those visions that stand in your way and impose a blockage to future progress.  The past can only be repeated in  your own mind.

     Release from attachment to the journey's end and focus instead on the journey itself.  What will be is a product of what is.  What you do in the present determines the consequences you attract and the trends you set into motion.

     Imagination sets into motion the patterns of physical manifestation.  Imagining the way that you want things to be sets things moving in that direction.  The way that you imagine a condition also determines your reaction to it.  Imagination masquerades as truth until one is aware that one is imagining.  Observe the activities of your imagination carefully and discover what you imagine to be true.

     Everything that happens occurs on the foundation of preparation.  If you are finding it difficult to progress as quickly as you would like, or if you are encountering delays, use the time to become better prepared for the outcome your are seeking.

                                      Experience Represented by the Sphere

     This Sphere represents the Foundation level of existence.  A foundation is an underlying system or structure of support.  There is a foundation level in all things.  This Sphere is specifically associated with sexuality (the foundation of life), memory (the foundation of the present) and imagination (the foundation of reality as it will be), the contents of your unconscious (the foundation of your personality).  In your unconscious is stored all of you past experiences as well as you reposes to those experiences.  This includes your deeply rooted fears, desires and beliefs.  At the Foundation of your  unconscious is the True Pattern of your development:  This is the deepest motivation of your being.  To the extent that you adhere to your True Pattern, whatever you do is bound to work out best.  Conditions and individuals represented by this Sphere are teaching you to examine, purity and perfect the underlying support system on which your enterprise stands.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 58-59