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B055 - The Christ

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“I awaken to the mystery of the body as love.”

The energy to work with and for the light.

Main Theme: To develop sacrificial love

Dominant Characteristics: A spiritual pioneer and also a pioneer in the concrete, material world. Is very aligned to the truth. Possesses a lot of wisdom but does not show off with it. Is willing to sacrifice him/herself for a higher cause. Often works without asking for money. (This is meant in the best sense - gives without expecting anything in return). Is objective and can, once having embarked on a task, see exactly how it will end up. An idealist who manifests ideas in a practical way. Equality for woman is a matter of concern for this person. Has no problems at all with sexuality. Understands the material side of life very well.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Harbors a lot of frustration, resentment, and anger from the past. Has possibly been very affected by a material loss. On the one hand, suffers as far as worldly matters are concerned; on the other hand, is very focused on the material world and sensuality. Has had a lot of conflicting experiences if life and cannot cope with them. Demands a personal revelation (from the universe, from existence...) but that may not happen because this person is too tense.

Spiritual Level: Facilitates the process of initiation and transformation of the self. Creates a clear channel for energy. Leaders experience humility when using this substance. The feeling of being disconnected from existence is reduced.

Mental Level: Brings about clarity of thought. Helps to stop identifying with everything, as well as to let go of resentment.

Emotional Level: Frees the individual from the feeling that he/she is not being heard. Resolves anger and frustration and helps to transform these emotions in a positive way. Useful in overcoming childhood traumas, as well as the sense of being a martyr.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire lower abdomen. (should not be used too late in the afternoon or evening because this substance is very energizing, which can lead to sleep problems.)

Affirmation: I have the energy to follow my ideals.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of Master Set and Expanded Aeon Child Set. Helps to awaken the kundalini power. Supports the process of coping with possible sexual abuse. The Tarot card, "Ten of Swords," as well as this substance, relate to the test that shows whether or not someone is able to take on spiritual responsibility.

Tarot: 10 of Swords
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

              Where this Bottle B055 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                                       Sphere of Kingdom  #10

"Air Signs" are correlated with the mind's sensation, perception, and expression, especially related to personal interaction and to geometrical thought forms and abstract ideas. Ten of Swords

                                       Guidance of the Sphere 

     When you can take matters no farther, bring things to a close.  To attempt to force advancement or improvement is simply to go around in circles until yo reach stagnation.  Trust in the product or outcome of your best efforts.

     Examine physical appearance and conditions as a means of diagnosing their deeper meaning and hidden causes.  The outer is a reflection of the inner: the present is a product of the past.

     The physical stage is the last stage of creation.  Until something has been brought to the physical level, the cycle of its purpose has not yet been completed.  You must ground your visions into physical manifestations before you can move on to something new.

     Bring your worthy ideas and intentions to the physical level.  It generally requires more will to act or to produce than it does to think about what may work.  However, until something is brought to the physical level it has not yet been fully tested, nor can it be expected to attract all of the rewards it deserves.

     Some fear ending a project because they lack confidence in the repercussions.  Letting your work go into the world, where its merit will be judged, is an act of faith.  However, to resist this simply put off the inevitable.  You will never be certain of the outcome until you receive it: and even then, when the results are upon you, interpreting their meaning is entirely subjective.

     How do you know that you are not already experiencing success?  Perhaps all that is needed is for you to permit  yourself to drop your striving for something more, and to recognize, enjoy and take more complete advantage of what you have available.

                                   Experience Represented by the Sphere

     The name of this Sphere is Kingdom.  It represents the physical or earthly plane of existence.  Physical expression is the final stage of creation: the physical plane is an outer expression of an inner process.  Your activities on earth are a kind of proving-ground for your spiritual progress.  Your outward, physical conditions are a sign or symbol pointing to the inner causes which brought them about.  Conditions and  individuals represented by this Sphere will ten to be characterized by materialism,rewards, success, completion and an emphasis on the physical level.  Experiences represented by this  Sphere are teaching you how to diagnose cases from effects, as well as how to deal with ending and success.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 61-62