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B050 - El Morya


“I say to myself, quietly & within the depth of myself, Thy Will, not mine.”

Thy will not my will. Being able to get out of the way to allow communication to come through, rather than from, the self.

Main Theme: Readiness to live life from now on in harmony with the greater whole

Dominant Characteristics: A pioneer who is selflessly committed. Is in harmony with his/her life purpose, fate, and soul. Trusts God and life. Is highly evolved spiritually; this person’s love overflows into the world. Great talent for communication of different kinds. Knowledgeable in numerology and astrology. Possesses a clear mind. Forgives easily (others and him/herself) and is able to feel great joy. Can be detached enough to gain direct access to the subconscious.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Has not yet overcome the extreme difficulties that arose in the past with his/her father. Probably has been mentally abused (brainwashed to a greater or lesser extent, but not necessarily by the father). Always wants somebody to care for him/her. Sees all things in life in a negative way. Is not at peace with him/herself and feels disconnected from (cultural) roots. A person blocked on all levels.

Spiritual Level: Makes faith more real, which means it shows in what one really believes. Brings spiritual inspiration and connection with the life purpose. Initiates a correspondence between God’s will and one’s own will. Helps open up to the light and for new realities that fit into our times.

Mental Level: Supports the integration of the male aspects of the personality and helps to balance a too-analytical view. Instills a clarity and balance if there are authority problems.

Emotional Level: Inspires profound peace and self-forgiveness. Balances emotional extremes. Releases blockages, especially those related to speech and communication.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire throat.

Affirmation: Thy will be done through me.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of The Master Set and The Expanded Chakra Set.

Tarot: Ace of Cups
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         Where this bottle B050 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                                    Sphere of Crown #1

Water Signs" symbolize the cooling, healing principle of sensitivity, feeling response, and empathy with others.  Ace of Cups

                                      Guidance of the Sphere

     Trust in a Higher Power of Higher Intelligence taking charge.  When your own wisdom cannot show you what is best to do, it is wise to trust that whatever you do will work out in line with your needs.  The rational mind can always criticize by focusing on negative possibilities.  However, the truth of the matter is beyond its scope.

     Kabbalists teach that the center of the center of existence is an eternal mystery.  Our experiences and ourselves are essentially unknowable.  Resist the urge to jump to convenient conclusions.  Opinions block the light of truth as much as they contain it.  Learn how to accept the ambiguities and uncertainties of life.  These do not necessarily indicate a weak mind, but rather a deeper, clearer more realistic attitude.

     Acknowledge your spiritual urge.  Kabbalah teaches that the deepest and truest urge in each of our beings is the urge to unite with the Infinite Power.  This urge is nurtured, and the Power made more clear and near through the concentration of your attention upon it.  Meditation practices, religious rituals and other forms of centering techniques have been passed on for ages as means to this end.

     There are decisions in life which are too large to be made.  The facts we need are simply unknown.  If you have been working at making a decision without making progress, you may have arrived at such a point.  Life will have to make this decision for you, or you will make it when you accept that either way it will be make on faith, not facts.  You may never know what to choose or which is best.  In the meantime, avoid the exhausting strain of indecision by accepting that in the end it is up to you to make the best of whatever happens.

                                Experience Represented by the Sphere

     This Sphere represents the Power of Will which is the cause behind creation.  It is pure, infinite Potential.  This Power is so great that it is beyond the limits of consciousness to contain.  Yet, it is the most sacred aim to seek its awareness of it.  It has been refereed to as, That which is beyond name and form, The Causes of Causes, The Primal Will.  Conditions and individuals represented by this Sphere are characterized by willfulness, mystery, spirituality, higher intelligence, concealed authority and hidden trends or intentions that seem to be in control.  There may also be a sense of disorientation, for the energy of the Primal Will is undifferentiated, meaning that it takes us beyond individuality, and stems from the point where All is One.  The experience represented by this Path is teaching you to trust in a Higher Power of Higher Intelligence at work in circumstances that yo can neither control nor comprehend.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer; Place it on the Tree page 34-35