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B047 - The Old Soul


“I make the best of my opportunities. I feel the joy as I see those opportunities clearly.”

Intellectual clarity. The gift of the understanding of the emerald of the heart.

Main Theme: Connecting head and belly

Dominant Characteristics: Gifted with extrasensory perception. Is in contact with the Higher Self. Possesses mystical knowledge. Has a clear direction in life and teaches by example. Is in contact with the heart and can express this. Acts instead of reacting.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Pretends to be centered and balanced, but in actuality, there is nothing but inner tension. An amateur in the worst sense. Manipulates others. Life gives this person a lot, yet he/she does not know what to do with these blessings. May be inspired, but this inspiration is controlled emotionally.

Spiritual Level: Helps develop extrasensory perception and the ability to be inspired through meditation. Connects the individual with the Higher Self. Encourages discrimination in the spiritual field. Resolves self-deception.

Mental Level: Brings balance to the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which means it balances the analytical and creative mind. Makes logical thinking and the ability to remember easier, inspires the formulation of goals, and helps gain new access to readily available knowledge.

Emotional Level: Enables the user to perceive and define emotions more clearly. Aids in coping with fears, especially mentally based ones. Eases neuroses.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the solar plexus and heart area, as well as along the hairline.

Affirmation: I make the best of my opportunities.

Distinctive Qualities: Only bottle where Lemon Yellow appears. In some circles, an "old soul" is regarded as one that has already had many incarnations. Others are of the opinion that all humans are "old souls." Today, Aura-Soma is in conflict about the name of this bottle because it inspires spiritual vanity in some people.

Tarot: 4 of Cups
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             Where this bottle  B047 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                                            Sphere of Mercy #4

Water Signs" symbolize the cooling, healing principle of sensitivity, feeling response, and empathy with others.  Four of Cups

                                         Guidance of the Sphere

     Identify useful, constructive trends and build upon them.  Make use of the resources available and more will be there when you need it.  When you have taken full advantage of the opportunities that have a new opportunity will present itself to take you farther.  If it seems that there is no purpose or nothing to be gained by your current situation, you are overlooking the opportunities and advantages that exist.  Avoid making too much of the problems, difficulties and dangers that you face.  That which you focus attention on will seem to grow larger.  Emotional reactions inspire exaggeration.  It is possible to hold a small coin so close they eye that it blocks out the Sun.

     If you want to empower the forces that are working with you, overlook the trends moving against you.  Involve yourself instead in constructive activity that is aimed at your goals.  Concentrate on what is working and find a way to take these constructive trends farther.  There are bound to be disappointments and setbacks in any significant project or journey.  Keep your attention unstuck from negative, critical attitudes and continue moving forward; in this way the building-process has the best chance of overcoming the destructive trends and influences.

                                   Experience Represented by the Sphere

     The fourth Sphere represents the processes of expansion and construction.  Wherever you look, you can find something beneficial growing, building, expanding.  This is why Kabbalists refer to the Sphere as Mercy.  The fourth Sphere also represents the True Will or Archetypal Patter of the Self which is growing or expanding through every experience that you have.  We experience the Mercy of the universe when we follow this Pattern and take joy in the growth and unfoldment of our True Self.  Conditions and individuals represented by this Sphere are Characterized by a sense of freedom, abundance, optimism, and opportunity.  The Experience represented by the Sphere are teaching you to focus on positive trends to keep them going, and to involve yourself in a constructive process to continue moving forward.

copy write is owned by Bob Lancer; place it on the Tree page 43-44