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B038 - Troubadour 2


”I take away all the labels between myself and my feelings.”

Letting go of the difficulties of the past that the heart may be free to express its truth, leads to transformation within the self.

Main Theme: To get from thinking to feeling

Dominant Characteristics: This person possesses natural authority and individuality in the best sense of the words. Is in contact with the heart. At the same time, has a strong feeling for the community. This is also his/her life purpose. Has the ability to see both sides of a situation and then make the right decisions. Understands the laws of karma. A seeker with emotional and intuitive maturity who is friendly, sensitive, and comforting. One who likes to give freely, yet who is independent. Is connected with the power of the Goddess. A good person, yet he/she is unaware of this.

Potential Challenge Aspects: This person does not trust his/her female side. Is envious, jealous, suspicious, and has a sharp tongue. Has a strong desire for peace, independence, and solitude; also needs a lot of acceptance and appreciation from others. Yearns for nature, but never makes the effort to go there. A disillusioned person who has no spiritual focus. Searches for balance between the conscious and subconscious.

Spiritual Level: Furthers the process of finding the truth and reaching a new spiritual direction. Allows the user to discover inner secrets and to stimulate intuitive abilities. Resolves spiritual illusions. Brings spiritual experiences from the head to the heart.

Mental Level: Gives an overactive mind some rest. Helps the individual cope with his/her own (and external) authority and to integrate the female side. Brings about more self-confidence and independence from being accepted by others.

Emotional Level: Heals heart problems on all levels, especially when the mind has ruled the heart. Helps the user gain understanding of his/her own suffering. Encourages the person to come to terms with feelings of mistrust, envy and jealousy.

Where to Apply the Substance: Along the entire hairline, around the heart area; with bladder and kidney problems, around the abdomen; with rheumatism and arthritis - wherever the pain is.

Affirmation: I give a name to my feelings

Distinctive Qualities: In this bottle, many others are "hidden", which means that it is very complex. Its contents bring psychic abilities and spirituality together (sometimes these two areas are poles apart). In past life therapy, this substance can establish access to medieval incarnations (see "Distinctive Qualities" of Bottle #17).

Tarot: Queen of Cups

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Where this Bottle B038 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                                    The Sphere of Understanding  3

"Water Signs" symbolize the cooling, healing principle of sensitivity, feeling response, and empathy with others.     Queen of Cups

                                      Guidance of the Sphere

     Be receptive to the knowledge and guidance that you need.  Before you can help yourself or others you must first see clearly what is needed.  Draw upon what you know and seek the facts of the present.  In this way you can more effectively navigate through what is happening.

     Find out what is going on before taking action to change or direct the situation.  Instead of worrying or guessing at what others are feeling and thinking, try asking questions and listening to the answers you receive.  Do not over burden yourself with expecting to know more than you do.  Life is a school and every choice is an experiment.  Learn from your choices and move on.

     Shine a light in the darkness: use your power of understanding to help yourself and others.  Explore, examine, research, study and learn.  Learning is being forced upon you by your limitations and constraints.  Wherever you are and whatever you are going through you can always learn how to cope, how to deal with what is going on in ways that bring improvement.  Kabbalists regard your ability to learn or understand as your highest receptive power, for it gradually takes you beyond all limitations.

                                        Experience Represented by the Sphere

     This Sphere represents the forces of containment, boundaries and limitations which seem to constrict upon us as we grow.  It is named, Understanding because our boundaries and restraints force us to seek a deeper understanding of what is going on.  As we open ourselves to receive it, Understanding blooms withing like a flower of peace and illumination to heal our wounds and make sense of our lives.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Sphere are characterized by receptivity and restraints, exposure of areas of ignorance and an opportunity for learning.  Experiences represented by this Sphere are teaching  you your boundaries and limitations and how to patiently stay within them until the times are ripe for intelligent or liberation.

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