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B023 - Love and Light


Rose Pink



“I accept myself as I am. I allow myself to just be.”

Compassion and self acceptance. The more we find compassion in the process of seeing ourselves, the more we can accept of ourselves.

Main Theme: Regaining self-love

Dominant Characteristics: Has a strong need to get to know him/herself and also carries out this self-knowledge (for example, through therapy, meditation, etc.). Accepts fate in a positive and practical manner. Has a lot of strength, yet this strength is manifested in tenderness, warmth, empathy and the ability to give and receive.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Is very insecure. Feels unloved. Develops one symptom after another because as a child, he/she received care only when illness was present. Has kept this pattern up.

Spiritual Level: Encourages spiritual strength and energy, as well as harmony. Opens the door to unconditional love.

Mental Level: Promotes self-understanding. Allows the user to lose his/her false self-image and any illusions about him/herself.

Emotional Level: Aids in overcoming feelings of frustration and futility when love is unrequited. Helps to free any blockages impeding the flow of communication. Useful in releasing guilt feelings and insecurity. Renews the love for oneself if it has been lost through separation or divorce.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire lower abdomen. During difficult emotional situations, apply around the whole heart area. When there are spiritual and mental problems, apply along the hairline, too.

Affirmation: I am harmony with life, and life is in harmony with me.

Distinctive Qualities: Only bottle where Rose appears.


ASIACT and North America Aura-Soma LLC make no claims that these products heal the physical body.  It is up to the individual to decide how each product works for themselves. 

Tarot: King of Wands

Copyright is owned by ASIACT


            Where this Bottle B023 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                           Sphere of Beauty 6 (King of Wands- air world)

"Air Signs" are correlated with the mind's sensation, perception, and expression, especially related to personal interaction and to geometrical thought forms and abstract ideas.

                                      Guidance of the Sphere

     When one is in a position of influence, there exists the opportunity to bring the higher and lower together toward a point of balance and peace. Dedicate yourself to serving a higher purpose.  Maintain your balance, harmonize with your environment and be loving.  This brings order and inspires trust and openness.

     Love is an attractive, binding force.  Wen individuals work together in harmony all are benefited.  Seek others with whom you can join in harmony for your mutual advantage.

     Before moving forward, view the matter facing you as a whole so that your efforts do not merely improve one area at the cost of another.  Follow the path of balance and love and the universe will support your endeavors.

     Look in our heart for the guidance you seek.  It is guiding you along the path of balance, harmony and compassion.  It is guiding you to give.  What it suggests that you do may not seem reasonable at first.  However, its guidance is beyond the scope of intellect and desire, and it points the way to growth and peace.  If you go against its guidance and over-rule compassion, the individuals and consequences you will attract will seem empty and degrading.

                                     Experience Represented by the Sphere

     The sixth Sphere is named, Beauty, but it is also referred as, The Mediating Intelligence.  This is because the force it represents has to do with relationships and bringing parts together into a balanced, harmonious whole.  It also represents the Light of Divine Love which rules the universe.  This love shines from what is called, The Spiritual Sun, which illumines The Light of Truth within each soul, guiding the individual alone The Path of True Purpose.  It is the Light of the Logos, your Reason for Being, and it shines within You.  Conditions and individuals re[resented by this Sphere tend to be characterized by a powerful binding influence: their interests are more concerned with giving than taking, and they convey a sense of deeper purpose.  Experiences represented by this Sphere are teaching you to become less identified with selfish interests, and to follow the urge to serve, to create and to give which guides you from the depths of your heart.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 49-50