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B021 - New Beginning for Love

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“As I accept myself as I am, I see things from a broader perspective.”

The emergence of freedom through self acceptance.

Main Theme: New beginning for love

Dominant Characteristics: A truly mature personality of highest awareness, who loves God and humanity. Someone who gives and receives love and works with it in constructive ways (for example, writing, art, public speaking, but also with the family circle). Can realize and materialize dreams. Is aware of goals and works to attain them. A person who is needed by others and who knows that love is the basis of all life. Someone who is able to let the world run its course.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Possess little self-love, does not feel loved by others, and always keeps looking for love. Never receives love in the desired fashion. A dreamer in the negative sense, who is fragmented and feels disconnected from God. Feels he/she is more important than is actually the case. Refuses to accept life’s lessons. Is dissatisfied with his/her situation, yet is unable to change it.

Spiritual Level: Helps recognize that the love of God is expressed in the love of and for other people. Aids in overcoming resistance, giving up struggling, and finding new joy and dedication to love.

Mental Level: Connects with one’s life purpose, makes space for new "programs," new behavioral patterns, new self-love. Helps overcome present difficulties.

Emotional Level: Enables recognition of the love that is already in one’s life. Balances giving and taking in the love area. Makes it easier to understand dreams. Helps the person cope with the consequences of (external) aggression.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire heart area.

Affirmation: I hold the world in my hands.

Distinctive Qualities: This is a variation of bottle # 28.

Tarot: The Universe
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

          Where is this Bottle B021 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                         Pathway between Foundation to Kingdom  9-10

                                      Guidance of the Path

     When the fruit is ripe it lends itself to easy plucking. If you must force the fruit from the vine, it is not ripe yet.  Nature offers resistance as a protection.  Unripe fruit sickens it consumer.  follow the principle of ripeness in your endeavors.  Regard resistance to your efforts as a sign that things are as yet at a premature stage.  Give them time to ripen,when it will be easier to move forward and the results of doing so will be sweeter.

     the universe offers you the fruits of your labor when the outcome yo intend is in line with its greater purpose.  What you can accomplish, and what you have achieved thus far, is consistent with the cosmic aim.  Although you may take personal pleasure in your rewards, acknowledge that the rest of the universe had to cooperate to make this possible.  Do not presume that it was an accident or luck which brought you to this place.  Something much larger is going on which this is but a minute part of.  Consider the deeper significance of what is happening, and align yourself with that.  The fact that you are pleased y the results yo have achieved is the only accident, if you want to call it that.  Enjoy the special moment of coincidence, when your personal interest and the interests of the cosmos seem to be a perfect match.

     Recognize the authority of your will and skill.  Bringing about the outcome you have intended and worked for is indeed a great feat.  You have shaped your own destiny experiencing is a product of the handiwork you have been a channel for.  Examine what you have brought about to discover how to do things better in the future.

     Reap the fruits of your labor and realize the fulfillment of your intention.  There is no escape from what you have set into motion.  It is now your task to make the best of it.

                                       Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to be guided by the Cosmic Will.  It represents your ability to sense what wants to happen, and lend the forces of your skill and will toward bringing it about.  This stage of mastery is called, Cosmic Co-Creator.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path will tend to be characterized by mastery and reciprocity.  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you to recognized, trust and cooperate with the undercurrent of the Cosmic Will.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 127-128