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B020 - Child`s Rescue / The Star Child

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“I listen to the still small voice that lies within.”

The communication of unconditional love. Peace in the conscious mind. Self acceptance within the depths of the self.

Main Theme: Aids children in all areas, even the children that we once were (psychotherapeutic work with the "inner child")

Dominant Characteristics: An optimist who can utilize his/her optimism constructively. Possesses deep inner peace and has freed him/herself of fear. Is in touch with the feminine, intuitive aspect and can express it. Faces life with a childlike openness and has great compassion. Feels deeply for others, is concerned and cares for them, and is in contact with unconditional love.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Feels disconnected from inspiration and love. Permanently questions, judges, and condemns him/herself. Is unstable and has a hard time being assertive. Has a "peace and love" mentality.

Spiritual Level: Establishes reconnection to the soul level. Joins with that level of love that transforms everything. Promotes a spiritual new beginning and resolves spiritual disillusionment. Helps with the integration of soul parts that have not yet been integrated.

Mental Level: Supports the healing of the "inner child" and establishes balance between the male and female energies. Is useful with all problems that have originated, and which occur, during childhood (making it applicable to children and adults alike). Enables the person to actually attain what he/she needs.

Emotional Level: Lifts the feeling of love deficit, which affects and changes all emotional patters. Provides support during difficult situations. Helps reach one’s intuition through love.

Where to Apply the Substance: Can be applied to all parts of the body. With teething babies, apply to jaws and around the entire neck. For external use only!

Affirmation: Love is letting go of fear.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of Basic Chakra Set and The Rescue Set. One of the most important bottles. Especially useful in polarity work and work with the "inner child". Helps people whose conditions are affecting only one side of the body. With regard to the "Spirits in the Bottle", the following note: this bottle contains the love of a child, with a child’s potential for forgiveness. This substance is available in a 25 or 50 ml glass bottle, as well as in a 25 ml plastic bottle. Like this, it is easy to carry, and it enables it to be used by people other than the "owner".

Tarot: Judgment
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            Where this Bottle B020 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                          Pathway between Honor to Kingdom  8-10

                                    Guidance of the Path

     Be grateful for what you have achieved and received so far.  Permit yourself to feel appreciation for the progress yo have made.  This impresses your subconscious with a clear signal of you intent, releasing your creative forces to continue working in that direction.  Expressing your gratitude and appreciation to others lets them know what you value, please or assist you.  However,  in life and in your relationships, do not insist on receiving only what you think you want.  Accept the fact that a worthwhile purpose is being served by whatever happens.

     If you look for the higher value in an event, situation or individual's activities you can discover it.  Refuse to limit your perspective to hasty opinions based on superficial examination of the facts.  Seek out the inner meaning which is there.

     Sometimes, receiving exactly what you want least turns out to be the very thing that is best for you.  Life is filled with disappointment until we realize that our expectations are not rooted in the reality of who we are, what is truly going on, and what we need.  Identify the trends toward improvement that present all the time and fix your approval onto these.  On the surface things seem to alternate between good times and bad: but underneath there is perpetual movement toward growth and improvement.

     Wake-up to the inner meaning of what you are going through and you will realize that you have nothing to pity yourself for and nothing to fear.  Even suffering has a purpose; it teaches us to release our attachment to conditions that pass, and to seek a deeper level of understanding that will bring us to a place of more lasting peace.

                                      Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to recognize the perpetual motions of the cosmos.  This enables one to recognize what to be grateful for in life.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path will tend to benefit from ending and disappointments.  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you to be forever hopeful.


Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 124-125