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B019 - Living in the material world





Outward Journey of The Sun

Matrix 19/97 + 16/94 + 16/94 + 13/91 + 10/88 + 16/94

This matrix path sits between sphere 8 and 9

“I say ”yes” to all that life has to offer. I say “yes” to myself.”

The renewal of our bodies takes place when we change our thinking to build up new energy.

Main Theme: To build up new energy

Dominant Characteristics: Is in harmony with him/herself, and conveys this feeling to others. Owns a lot of energy, including psychic energy. Others feel magnetically drawn to this person. Possesses talent for work in the social, nursing, and helping professions. When working in other areas, this person is also successful and puts money into charitable or spiritual causes. Is balanced in his/her conscious and unconscious intentions.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A person whose spirituality is eclipsed by material interest, who always wants to be the center of attention, who misuses psychic abilities, and is obsessed by sexual fantasies. Clings to the past and is always tired. Lacks energy.

Spiritual Level: Awakens the kundalini energy. Brings deep peace and at the same time a fresh breeze into life. Allows deep insights into one’s own inner world even in very concrete ways - for example, certain meditations and creative visualizations can be improved. Helps radiate and receive love.

Mental Level: Enables the person to examine the shadow sides of his/her personality and to release them. Stimulates new mental energy. Facilitates the process of releasing sexual obsessions.

Emotional Level: Assists in overcoming conscious anger, resentment, and frustration. Encourages involvement and initiative. Offers a new perspective and an acceptance of the body. Raises self-esteem.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire lower abdomen; in mental or spiritual matters, also along the hairline. Not to be used too late in the afternoon or evening because it is very energizing and can lead to sleep problems.

Affirmation: I say "yes" to life and to myself.


ASIACT and North America Aura-Soma LLC make no claims that these products heal the physical body.  It is up to the individual to decide how each product works for themselves. 

Tarot: The Sun
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

          Where this Bottle B019 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                       Pathway between Honor to Foundation   8-9

                                    Guidance of the Path

     Take responsibility for raising yourself.  What you do gives birth to who you are.  The self you are expressing is the self you are creating.

     You have the right to sing and dance with joy in the sun.  Be as a child:simple, innocent and free.

     The adequate response to what you are going through will come naturally to you if you let it.  It will bloom like a flower.  Forcing yourself to respond in a way that seems dishonest interferes with this process.  You are naturally drawn along the path that will bring harmony and balance into your life.  It is your real, inner nature to be a giving source of love, life and light.  Look within and be receptive to your deeper sense of self.

     In your heart exists a sense of yourself in a pure, joyful, loving state.  Your innermost intentions are doubtlessly beyond reproach.  If only you could express this Golden Child, if only you could be your Higher Self!  How long will you continue  to hold-back, to force artificial, unnatural restraints on your self?  Those old patterns harden like a shell.  But it is time for the love, life and light within to come out and live to its full potential.  Give your self to the one you long in your heart to be.

     Now is your opportunity to begin.  Discard old, automatic patterns of action and reaction and be renewed.  It is never too late to make the right decision.  Wherever you are, however you may have done things in the past, give your more pure, inner nature a chance run things in the present.

     Your higher nature is like a child, desiring only to nurture and be nurtured.  Go deeper than your hard and crusty shell and follow the guidance of the child in your heart.  Respect your inner child and give birth to your higher potential.

                                Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to regenerate.  It is your power to nurture, support and bring out the higher potential in yourself and other, and to create new, improved conditions from failing or less adequate condition of the past.  This is accomplished as you follow the guidance of your loving nature and concentrate on doing what you can in the present for the future, not distracted by what may or may not have happened in the past.  conditions and individuals represented by this Path will tend to seem easy to deal with, natural and full of hope.  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you to base your choices on what is, rather than on what was, and to be guided in your self expression by the self you want to be.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 121-122