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B018 - Egyptian Bottle I / Turning Tide

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“The more I let go of fear, the more I sense the divine.”

Refining the knowledge that we ma get in touch with why we are here and what we are for.

Main Theme: Overcoming self-deception

Dominant Characteristics: Has arranged life in just the way he/she has always dreamed. Possesses the courage to change, and enjoys fulfilling his/her life purpose. This person’s healing qualities come to show in everything he/she does. A charismatic personality, a spiritual teacher, a very intuitive person. Truly wants to help others.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. A dreamer in the negative sense of the word. Does not dare to move forward or to try something else due to the perception that things can only get worse. Is obsessed with material things and fears of all kinds.

Spiritual Level: Assists the user in realizing how much he/she is programmed, and awakens the soul from "being asleep" (Gurdjieff). Brings joy to life. Through the use of this substance, healers learn to distinguish when to be active and when not to be.

Mental Level: Connects "head and belly"; aids in overcoming self-deception, and stimulates discernment.

Emotional Level: Helps overcome the role of being a victim. Gives courage to express one’s fears. Releases the feeling of being betrayed and being spied on. After emotional difficulty, it establishes a clearer vision of the future.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the solar plexus and the entire hairline.

Affirmation: The more I let go of my fear, the more I am healed.

Distinctive Qualities: In past life therapy, can establish access to incarnations in Ancient Egypt.

Tarot: The Moon
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          Where this Bottle B018 Sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                        Pathway between Victory and Kingdom  10-7

                                   Guidance of the Path

     Take note of your primitive, instinctive impulses.  Observe your responses even at this most basic level in order to obtain an honest, balance view of how you feel and what you need to do.  These are as much a part of your total self-consciousness as your more refined, intellectual nature.

     There is a certain wisdom in the instinctive drives.  Instinctive intelligence guided the building of your physical organism, and continues to keep it going  your thought, awareness or control.  the guiding purpose behind the instincts is the same as that which is behind your loftiest pursuits:  the continuing evolution of your consciousness.  This purpose is the aim of life itself, the reason for the cosmos and the meaning behind every experience.  As long as your aim is consistent with this cosmic endeavor, your path will lead toward accomplishment.

     Thinking can confuse as well as clarify.  Wondering and guessing often sirs up doubt of what is true.  Return to the guidance of your most basic instincts.  Take heed of the prompting in your physical body.  They are a kind of compass, guiding you towards the light.

     Build your understanding from the ground up.  Follow your sense of what feels most consistent in your body.  all conflict is expressed through feeling of physical blockages.  

Your physical body is a representation of your consciousness.  Look deeper that ideas, deeper than emotion, deeper than desire.  If you can, contract your urge to grow, for that is the intrinsic guide.  However, if you cannot sense this, simply listen to your body.  If something gives you a sense of physical strength, well-being and congruence, it is in all likelihood leading you in the right direction.

                                   Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to attune to higher consciousness through your physical body.  Your body is a kind of consciousness-attunement device, a sort of dowsing rod, which can extend your awareness into the super conscious realms.  Pay attention to its subtle promptings and your sensitivity to its inner directive will awaken.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path are characterized by physical well-being and movement toward improved conditions.  Experience represented by this Path are teaching you to pay attention to your feelings and to trust your deepest urge.

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 118-119