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B015 - Healing in the New Aeon

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“The more I let in the light, the more I am open to transform.”

Elevation of the self through purification.

Main Theme: To gain one's own healing power.

Dominant Characteristics: A strong person with authority in the best sense of the word; a person who has spiritual strength. Someone who stands for what he/she believes in, even under the most unfavorable circumstances. Leads a truly spiritual yet "grounded" life. Assists other people, especially with respect to helping them become aware of their illusions. Has overcome negativity and unknown fears. Has learned to withstand temptations.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Great difficulty in perceiving his/her "shadow", as well as in finding out the truth - this applies to all areas of life. A person who is obsessed by material things, sex, and other addictions; who is easily distracted and directs power against him/herself. Possesses little self-love and needs to be praised at all times. Believes that all evil comes from "outside" and that he/she is the only one to whom unfortunate things happen.

Spiritual Level: Helps to attain healing powers (for him/herself and others). Promotes understanding of spiritual matters.

Mental Level: Useful in overcoming sexual egocentricity. Allows the person to release the idea that he/she is the only unfortunate one.

Emotional Level: Brings distance to emotional entanglements, raises identification with feelings. Allows the person to get acquainted with the shadow and to give up negative emotions. Lessens fear of other people (this applies especially to children).

Where to Apply the Substance: Along the hairline and around the entire head.

Affirmation: The more light I let into myself, the more I heal.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the New Aeon Child Set. When working with the "inner child," this substance brings balance to the male and female personality aspects. For woman in labor, it eases the intensity of contractions and helps to bring about a conscious birth experience.

Tarot: The Devil
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              Where this Bottle B015 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                            Pathway between Beauty to Honor   8-6

                                     Guidance of the Path

     Imaging what can go wrong induces fear.  But that fear is based on imagination:  it is an emotional reaction to a vision of being dominated by terrible possibilities.  To the extent that you believe in limiting possibilities you limit and bring out the worst in yourself.

     See through the illusions of fear.  The dominance of evil, injustice or cruelty is illusory.  There is good in everything.  Look for the light and you will find it.

     Imagination can create a belief in a reality that does not exist.  that which stimulates desire following superficial observation promises pleasure in the nature of it appearance.  However, sensual desire alone is not an adequate guide to happiness, security and peace.  Doing something for money is not necessarily wise either.  Materialistic interests only represent a portion of your need and responsibility.  What you have to do for the money is also important.  Anything that requires you to demean or to deceive others or yourself is already too expensive.

     Take responsibility for your behavior and you will find that you can change that behavior.  Identify the weaknesses in yourself which bring you down and hold you back and concentrate on freeing yourself from them.  As long as you regard others or external circumstances as the cause of what you do, you give that power to them.

     It is up to you to free yourself from oppression.  It is one thing to be responsible and another to overtax yourself to the point that your labor loses its meaning and your life has lost its joy.  Dedication to even the highest ideals is demoralizing when we drive ourselves or others too hard.  The insistence on perfection, past a certain point, becomes counter-productive.  Have faith in the path of honor, peace, balance and love.

                                  Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to see through appearances, to overcome temptation, and to respect the spark of divinity, or limitless potential, in yourself and others.  The foundation of this Power is in not forcing.  Forcing strengthens the lower as faith supports the higher.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path will tend to be characterized by an opportunity to see through illusion and to break the dominance of fear.  Experience represented by this Path are teaching you to avoid choices that lead to self-degradation and to release your self from the burden of fear and oppressiveness. 

Copy write is owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 109-110