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B014 - Wisdom in the new Aeon


“As I let go of my fear I am open to refine the wisdom within myself.”

Getting in touch with the wisdom that clarity may unfold.

Main Theme: Becoming a clear channel for wisdom.

Dominant Characteristics: An inspired, purposeful herald of the New Aeon who is in contact with deep inner wisdom. Disseminates harmony and balance. Is able to feel deep joy. Possesses a profound understanding of natural forces. A clear-thinking person who has learned from past mistakes and draws wisdom from that knowledge.

Potential Challenge Aspects: A person who is not in balance, neither with him/herself nor with his/her life. Someone who acts in extraordinarily negative ways, thereby spreading chaos. Is possessed by deep fear but does not really know what there is to be afraid of.

Spiritual Level: Allows for contact with his/her own guardian angel. Reduces fear of expectations. Brings supportive, positive energies. Aids in the realization that goals should not be set too high, but rather, that one progresses safest and fastest by taking one step at a time.

Mental Level: Builds bridges between the conscious and subconscious, and is very helpful with dream work. Gives the courage to look more closely at difficult facts in one’s own life. Also helps in releasing unpleasant memories.

Emotional Level: Provides and maintains centeredness, even during tumultuous times. Builds up the heart, the emotional level, particularly in regard to general fears and anticipation.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire solar plexus area.

Affirmation: The more I let go of my fear, the more I open myself to my own inner truth.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the New Aeon Child Set. In past life therapy, this substance helps to heal wounds and scars from previous lives. In children, it alleviates the fear of starting school.

Tarot: Temperance

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                 Where this Bottle B014 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                              Pathway between Beauty to Foundation   6-9

                                           Guidance of the Path

     No matter how strongly you are temped in a given direction, it is wise to be patient, to wait until your assumptions can be tested before risking everything on them.

     Life applies this same wisdom.  Sooner or later in the course of seeking to change or improve yourself or your position, life will impose certain tests and trials.  These serve to strengthen you, enabling you to continue moving forward.  Your tests may come in the form of opportunities to satisfy a deep desire at the cost of your deeper purpose, or in the for of adversities that cut so deeply that you are strongly tempted to surrender and turn back.

     There is nothing to fear in life's tests.  You would be foolish to impose a test which you know is beyond the capacity of that which is tested.  Life's lessons are imposed with perfect understanding of your limits, and they are designed to lead you to your next sage of progress.  There is an ageless wisdom teaching which states that life will never impose upon you a test, challenge or temptation which you cannot overcome if you apply your best.

     Temptation forces you to dig deeper into yourself and can cause you to question who you are.  Feelings of attraction which you did not know that you were capable of can suddenly arise to sway you from your purpose and commitments.  The time of trail or testing is a unique opportunity for recognizing and releasing from the deeper tendencies which would hold you back from making further advancement along your chosen course.

     If you can remain calm and steady under the pressures of temptation, your higher impulses will emerge to inspire you, and deeper understanding will unfold to light your way and guide your choices.

                                          Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to overcome the tests and trails of life, as well as the wisdom of applying tests before jumping to conclusions.  It also represents that fact that pressure builds strength when applied in right measure.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path will tend to be tempting or attractive in the deepest way, but, avoid self-deception, they  should be patiently observed before you rely upon them,  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you to have the strength and patience to endure what is happening until you have a accurate understand of what to do about it.

Copy write owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 106-107