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B013 - Change in the new Aeon


“As I let go, I am open to that which is new.”

Illuminating the emotional side of life.

Main Theme: Space in connection with transition and change

Dominant Characteristics: A leader who imparts knowledge clearly and kindly and can demonstrate new perspectives to people. Likes to discover new things in all areas of life. Is knowledgeable in astrology, does not approach it in an intellectual way, but rather from the heart and from the feelings. Loves nature. Often supports the dying.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Is stuck in negative patterns and emotional dilemmas. Is afraid of nature. Is obsessed by the thought that he/she will never be able to forgive him/herself. Has great difficulty making decisions.

Spiritual Level: Helps establish contact with the present moment and to let go of the past. Supports the release of the fear of death, and aids in the integration of information from states of higher awareness.

Mental Level: Promotes self-forgiveness. Memories become less important, therefore, a better contact with the here and now comes about.

Emotional Level: Enables the user to release feelings. Provides access to peace and joy by overcoming stuck emotions. Helps bring order in emotional matters and to decide which of these matters may live and which should die.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire heart area.

Affirmation: In each ending there is a new beginning.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the New Aeon Child Set. Is supportive in rebirthing sessions. On all levels, this bottle deals with metamorphosis, the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly. The substance helps overcome "spiritual materialism" (the expression originates from Chogyam Trungpa). It means that some people tend to think they can earn their spiritual development, something like: "If I meditate so-and-so many hours, years, I will be enlightened." The oil supports the process of understanding that things do not work like this, but that progress in these dimensions always depends on the grace of "the other side".

Tarot: Death

Copyright is owned by ASIACT

                Where this Bottle B013 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                                 Pathway between Beauty to Victory   6-7

                                           Guidance of the Path

     In the end of the old is the seed of the new.  Look forward to the new with joy when you have had enough of mourning for the passed.  Plant the seed of your intention in the ground of the present and move on in its direction.

     The onward march of life requires new ways of living.  What you have achieved is behind you and the ways that brought you here may not be entirely aligned with the best way to proceed into the future.  Be ready to change to seize your new opportunities before the changes in your circumstances turn against you.

     Release frustrating efforts to force things.  Go with the flow.  Give-up your fear of giving-up control.  Face what happens unafraid and you will discover that there was really nothing to fear in the first place.  All fear is born of imagining something terrible.  Whatever happens, you will find that you are still essentially yourself, and from that point anything is possible.

     Return to the ground of your being, Your experience of being cannot be taken from you, nor is it diminished by any loss.   Learn to trust, accept and enjoy your experience as an experience and you will discover that it is whole, complete and perfect as it is.

     Release yourself from old patterns becomes necessary when they impair your capacity to take your next step into growth.  Wen you define yourself by your previous ways of doing things you are bound to find a diminishing place, role or function in the future.

     Adapt to change, even if it means leaving behind your former identity or sense of who you were.  Accept the joyful attitude that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by opening yourself to receive the new.

     Holding on is holding back.  No one can stop the under-currents of change.

                                     Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to see through illusions of who you are and what you need.  When all that you are emotionally attached to or dependent upon is taken from you, you will find that you are still there, and that you are capable of building an entirely new live and new identity for yourself.  The self that lasts, that is beyond all limiting forms of identification, is the Real You.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path will tend to involve, demonstrate or require intrinsic change, courage and confidence in facing the new.  Experiences represented by this Path are teaching you to lose your fears and surrender attachments.

copy write owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 103-104