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B008 - Anubis


“In this moment, here & now, I am open for the possibility of change.”

The communication of knowledge, the joy of peace.

Main Theme: Too much thinking disturbs the inner peace.

Dominant Characteristics: Has an excellent sense for time, balance, justice, and linear order, as well as a distinctive feeling for equality (of all people, all spiritual traditions, etc.). Knows the laws of life and the consequences if they are (not) followed. Ability to teach, but not in the spiritual domain. Outstanding abilities in management, control, and organization. A person who knows him/herself.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Too busy with superficial chatter. This leads to not receiving the information needed. Exaggerated desire for harmony, unable to make decisions because of an acute awareness of both sides of a situation. At the same time, has a tendency toward dictatorial behavior. Possesses strong prejudices.

Spiritual Level: Helps to unveil the law of love, to come to the here and now, as well as get in contact with eternity. (An 8 on its side, called the "lemniscates", is the symbol of infinity). This combination usually indicates the need for an individual to come to a full realization of his/her true mission and potential, otherwise there is a danger of living for the time, and forgetting timelessness.

The soul in its hunger can find respite here, the feeling of wanting to rise above earthly matters. The young may feel the need of this combination when the first awakening within themselves creates demand - without the wisdom (as yet) to cope with it.

Mental Level: Facilitates the process of getting to know oneself and becoming clear about plans for the future. Eases nervousness and stuttering, in both adults and children. For someone who is not happy in present circumstances, this oil will give the wisdom to find the right direction. It will restore balance when there is too much anxiety, and brings peace with knowledge when the intellectual aspect dominates the true communication of the soul.

Emotional Level: Releases old guilt feelings; creates a balance when conflicts exist on different personality levels. Brings into the light of day suppressed rage and is helpful in bringing a new perspective to difficult situations.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.

Affirmation: I am in the here and now. Here and now is the only moment for changing.

Distinctive Qualities: In past life therapy, it can help to resolve guilt feelings from previous lives.
Tarot: Justice

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              Where this bottle B008 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                        Pathway between Severity to Beauty  5-6

                                    Guidance of the Path

     Continue moving forward through your losses.  This builds a momentum that develops inner strength.

     There is no way to advance into the new without the old being taken away.  If you are looking for a choice that will not involve a price that must be paid, your search is in vain.

     Faith is a balancing force.  Rely upon faith to help you to keep emotionally balanced during times of trial.  Have faith that thins can and will work-out in the end.

     Be less concerned with how fairly or unfairly others are treating you, and more concerned with the quality of your own judgement.  The way out of injustice is through justice.  Consider maters carefully and be willing to accept or impose necessary hardship, difficulty or unpleasantness if that is what is required for a worthwhile purpose.


When one cannot know the consequences of one's actions all one has to go on is the quality of the act itself.  Although there may be no visible evidence to support it, place your faith in your best efforts.  Your future depends upon your choices and no one else's.

     Think of the pressures of hardship as the earth's pressure on a piece of coal.  It is producing a far stronger, more beautiful, enlightened individual.  This may not be apparent during the early stages of difficulty, but in time one does discover the Greater Love that is at work.

     Be excited in confrontations with your shortcomings and weaknesses.  They foreshadow your greater growth.  What you cannot do or endure with peace today will be relatively easy for you tomorrow.  Your growth is the purpose of life, and your pain is telling you, "It is time to move on."

     Listen to your heart as well as to your mind.  Bring the two together in balance and you will find the path to peace.

                              Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to overcome every kind of loss, hardship or adversity which life can possible give to you.  When losses cut deep enough they take our faith.  When you are suffering the most you will find that the pain only becomes unbearable when you have lost faith that things can work-out.  However, eventually things begin to ease-up and improve and ultimately we realize that a purpose was served and we are healed, the wounds turned to compassion, and the pain turned into deeper wisdom and better judgement.  Your power to make it through the deepest valleys and darkest night is faith, which gives you the strength to make wise and loving choices.  Individuals and conditions re[resented by this Path will ten to be characterized by little room for error, and by swift, unyielding reactions to one's actions.  The experiences represented by this Path can be the most difficult one must pass through:  they force us to rely on our faith.

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