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B006 - The Energy Bottle


“Whatever I do, the love in my life grows.”

Enthusiasm and love for life.

Main Theme: Sacrificial love

Dominant Characteristics: A very brave person, ready to love under the most adverse circumstances. Possesses a lot of vitality, has a magnetic attraction, and feels an incredible joy towards life. Is fulfilled. Has no difficulty with material matters.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Can be addicted to material things and may misuse his/her charisma. Will not take on responsibility, especially when it comes to the material side of life. Is frustrated, leans toward laissez-faire attitude, laziness, and a lack of interest in life.

Spiritual Level: Aids in expanding awareness through love, especially love under difficult circumstances. Allows a person to recognize that loving another person enables him/her to love God. Establishes access to sacrificial love. A clairvoyant uses red to provide energies for the unseen guides to draw upon when seeking communication. This combination should always be used after yoga, meditation and healing sessions as a grounding colour (should be applied to the soles of the feet for this purpose).

Mental Level: Supports the process of getting to know oneself with the aim to love more truthfully. Gets one’s feet (back) on the ground.

Emotional Level: Helps foster the best in relationships, to overcome resentments stemming from unrequited love, to recognize heart’s desires and to fulfill them, and also to release these desires. This combination can manifest love, but if gold is not used with it, the "love" could manifest as strictly a physical attraction. Aids in overcoming survival issues originating from a difficult birth.

Where to Apply the Substance: The contents of this bottle relate specifically to the base chakra and therefore should never be applied above the hip level. Especially suitable for application to the soles of the feet.

Affirmation: Whatever I do makes the love in my life grow.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Expanded Chakra Set. Especially recommended after serious operations or at times of fatigue. Should not be used too late in the afternoon or evening because it is very energizing and may result in sleep difficulties.

Tarot: The Lovers
Copyright is owned by ASIACT

                          Where this bottle B006 sits on the Tree of Life ( Universal Law)

                             Pathway from Understanding to Beauty  3-6

                                      Guidance of the Path

     Pay attention to externals, but do not look to them alone in your choices and decisions.  Your powers of reason and observation can only take you so far.  This is why the ancients regarded reason and the physical senses as shrouds of darkness rather that as portals of light.  Danger lurks behind the fruits of worldly desire, in the fires of worldly ambitions, in false illumination of the materialistic arguments of the rational mind.  To move beyond our current set of limitations, trust in something deeper.

     The personal ego is being tempted by its hunger for control and understanding.  While these are noble in themselves, the real motivation is to give yourself a false sense of power and superiority.

   To find your True Inner Directive, remain open to receiving the guiding light of something deeper, and distance yourself from those lower forces which masquerade as realistic guiding light.

     Be discriminating toward the internal forces you align yourself with.  If you submit to superficial drives and tendencies, you disconnect yourself from the higher consciousness which alone can guide you according to your REAL DISPOSITION.  Go deeper within search of the Real You.  Balance and unite the masculine and the feminine in you to give birth to the sense of who you really are.  Use masculine strength to take action and your feminine strength to be receptive to a higher level of guidance than you can entirely expand or immediately make sense of.

                             Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power of discrimination.  You are not bound to react to every impulse that arises in you, nor to blindly follow the dictates of superficial reason.  Use your power of discrimination to help you to recognize and to follow the more reliable guidance of the deeper, impelling urge of the Real You.  Individuals and conditions represented by this Path will ten to involve certain complications due to conflicting trends and contradictory patterns.  The experience represented by this Path is teaching you to examine yourself carefully in order to base your choices on something deeper than superficial reasoning or a sudden impulse of desire.

Copywrite owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 82-83