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B004 - The Sun Bottle / Sunlight


“I am safe & happy & I know that I know nothing.”

Knowledge: that which can be acquired: and wisdom: that which we already have.

Main Theme: Opens the door to inner knowledge and inner wisdom "Know Thyself". Also brings anything "into the light of day" so as to be seen and dealt with.

Dominant Characteristics: Possesses authority and a great talent for management and organization, and combines these talents with wisdom. Has access to knowledge from past times and can utilize this knowledge. Possesses the ability to realize a vision. Sees the funny side of life. This person knows that it is more valuable to know something than to possess something.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Is marked by deep fear, lack of joy, and emotional immaturity. Leans toward utopianism. Behaves in a very authoritarian and, therefore, immature manner.

Spiritual Level: Transforms spiritual ideas into concrete form. Establishes contact with intuition and inner guidance. Brings about "solar" awareness. Raises perceptive faculties.

Mental Level: Is helpful with phobias that have their cause on the mental plane. This combination is good for those people that must think everything through, and therefore search deeply for the wisdom within themselves. This bottle gives a pyschological lift - representing the promise of Spring - a newness of life - a new beginning. Metaphorically speaking, it is the sunlight we so badly need after the depletion of winter, during convalescence or nervous debilitation.

Emotional Level: Provides trust, safety, and joy. It is excellent for nervous depression, and for depression brought on by fear.

Where to Apply the Substance: At solar plexus level, in a wide band around the body.

Affirmation: I am safe. I know that I know nothing.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Basic Chakra Set. Relates to the solar plexus chakra. In past life therapy, can establish contact with incarnations in Ancient Egypt.

Tarot: The Emperor

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                   Where this Bottle B004 sits on the Tree of Life (Universal Law)

                            Pathway from Victory to Foundation 9-7

                            Guidance of the Path

     To received the deeper flash of knowing, free your mind of distracting interests and concerns, as well as all superficial ideas and opinions pertaining to your issue.  Consider the past to see what you can learn from it, but do not project the past onto the present.  The here-now is always new, and the possibilities of what will be are different that they were before.  Contemplate the future as well.  Observe the current trends to make intelligent predictions of what is likely to occur.  Intuition is the illuminating point where the past, present and future meet.

     When an immediate solution does not occur, individuals are tempted to believe that there is no answer to receive.  However, the solution to no solution is to look more deeply.  There is a way to advance toward your goal and achieve your objective.  If it defies the capacities of your rational mind, it is till within the scope of your intuition to recognize.  Examine your thoughts, feelings, mood and attitude patiently and persistently to uncover any ways that you are resisting or interfering with the clear, deeper knowing you seek.  If your mind is filled with other matters, or if you are believing that you will not, do not, or cannot know the answer, you are pushing it out of the space of your awareness and effectively keeping it hidden from yourself.

     While it is intelligent to consider the likely possibilities, do not presume that you know hat is going to happen when you really do not.  One of the great obstacles to receiving a clear answer is expectations.  If you expect to hear a certain answer to your question you may deafen yourself to the actual response that you receive, and imagine that you heard what you were ready to hear.  Examine yourself carefully to uncover any expectations that could be interfering with your receptivity.  Let go of these when you notice them, and remain open and receptive to the inner flash of knowing.

                                 Experience Represented by the Path

     This Path represents your power to receive solution for any problem in life.  That power is meditation.  Superficial thinking, expectations and negative attitude make problems seem impossible to solve.  Meditate by focusing on your issue with openness to the answer: this literally draws the inner flash of reliable knowing to you, the way a baited hook draws a fish from the water's depths.  Conditions and individuals represented by this Path will tend to be characterized by sudden flashes of inspired vision that points the way.  The experience represented by this Path is teach you to meditate patiently until you receive the answer that you need.

Copy write owned by Bob Lancer, Place it on the Tree page 115-116