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Archangeloi Metatron

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Archetypal energies of The Lord of Time
Helps us to sense and strengthen our support for the wealth of alland the talents, qualities and gifts within ourselves.
It contains the most intense Light and depths of our shadow. As we own our projections and become open to the less familiar, we have a possibility of dissolving feelings of separation and allowing for our true self to emerge uninhibited. Brings clarity with ourselves and therefore, clarity of that which is external to us. Sheds Light on personal and collective history of suffering, pain and sorrow and the wisdom and understanding such experiences bring. Strengthens connection with Earth's energy pattern, the planetary grid structure.

Use sparingly, you only need a little of the ArchAngeloi sprays. Press one short squirt over the left shoulder, one short squirt above the crown and one over the right shoulder. Enjoy the subtle vibrations settling in your energy field...

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