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17. Vampire Squid


17. Vampire Squid (Deep Olive Green)

A potentially deep acting essence for strong and often buried fears of pain, torture, traumas and uncertainty. This may help to alleviate fear, but may work best on deep fears which are based on actual past experiences of trauma. An earth essence which can help to balance Ley lines.

Sea Essences

The Sea Essences are specifically focused on transformation of the energy fields between people, and also in their relationships.

They can be very effective when put directly on chakra points or meridians of our skin, dropped in the bath or put in sprays, oil, creams and lotions. They can be broadcast dropping a few drops on crystals or utilized in as many ways as our creativity allows us to access. They are entirely helpful as they will not act as we use other Aura-Soma products unless they are for the greater good of the person using the essence. They are for external use only.

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