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Wholesale Requirements

Important Notice regarding Aura-Soma® Requirements for Wholesale Accounts

There is a required minimum yearly purchase of $1200.00. The required $1200.00 purchase may be spread out in four separate orders (totaling a minimum order requirement of $300 at wholesale pricing for all wholesale orders) per each calendar year to meet this requirement.

All direct shipments to individual clients less than $300.00 will result in a charge at current practitioner pricing plus shipping.

To meet Federal regulations the following documents must be on file with North America Aura-Soma LLC for all wholesale accounts.

  • A current picture of your store front showing the business name
  • Copy of a 2015 utility bill with business name and address
  • Copy of the business registration
  • Copy of the sales tax ID/license for the business
  • Picture of Aura-Soma® products on display
  • Verification of Aura-Soma practitioner training as follows:
    • A copy of the current practitioner training certificate with the ASIACT student id
    • New accounts must provide proof of taking Aura-Soma® Level 1 training within 6 months of opening the account and proof of taking continued training up to Level Three within 2 years of opening an account with North America Aura-Soma LLC. Or must annually verify having an Aura-Soma® Level 3 practitioner employed/working at the store by providing:
      • A copy of the current practitioner training certificate with the ASIACT student id
      • A copy of the practitioner’s recent pay stub or W2, or consultant agreement with proof of recent payment as a consultant.
    • Shop Must have a full set of products on display (Equilibriums, pomanders, quintessence's and air conditioners)

Please send all documentations to North America Aura-Soma LLC, 1027 Longdraw Drive, Katy TX 77494. If these are not received, account pricing will be at the corresponding practitioner training level with ASIACT. If your ASIACT practitioner number has not been provided to Aura-Soma North America you will receive retail pricing.

I look forward to receiving all documentation to complete your wholesale client file. Please feel free to call me at 832-647-5687 with any questions.

I send my best.


Debbie Blake
North America Aura-Soma LLC