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What is Aura-Soma


It is a non-intrusive self-selective color care system in which color is the key and can be utilized by everyone. Aura-Soma is an ancient knowledge reborn; it reveals our most deeply hidden aspects in a way that we can understand accept and grow with. It provides us with an opportunity to discover the special gifts and talents that lie within.

In Aura-Soma, it is often said, "You are the Colors you choose." These colors reflect the needs we have within ourselves. Our color choice helps us to recognize these needs and provides a communication between the self and the soul.

The Living Energies within the Equilibrium bottles, pomanders, quintessence's and the color essences are the foundation and heart of the Aura-Soma Color Care System. These energies can enhance ones well-being on all levels and point one to their individual soul potential. These jewel colored bottles are made of living energies from the three kingdoms; mineral (crystal and gems), plant (herbs and essential oils) and HUE-MAN (color and light). The Aura-Soma system can assist in bringing the following:

  • Peace and relaxation into ones life
  • Discover complete joy of living
  • Enhance relationships of all kind
  • Create a healthy sense of self confidence
  • Opportunity to bring more love into your life
  • Revitalize your energies
  • Transform your life

The Aura-Soma system is unique in and of itself; due to color being the key, the color is its own language. By having a consultation by a trained Aura-Soma practitioner it can assist you as you begin to open the door to your souls journey. You will never look at color the same.Just allow yourself to let the journey begin!