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Aura-Soma Classes


“I completed my level 1, 2 and 3 Aura-Soma training with Debbie. Debbie is an amazing teacher who has put so much thought into how to organize and deliver the content so that it is accessible to all students. There is a lot to learn in a short period of time and she always found ways to make it easier to learn. In addition to the enriching immersion in Aura-Soma, the time with Debbie included opportunities for transformative personal healing. I returned home feeling so energized and definitely vibrating at a higher frequency after each course. – A.M.”


I miss you too! It has been too long.


I will book in for a body memories class or aura soma reading with you before too long.


Lots of love from snowy Canada,


I just finished my 3 courses of Aura Soma with Debbie Blake & I couldn’t be more happy with my investment in her classes! They were structured in a way that could be easily grasped by anyone interested in this system! The course was so thorough, and Debbie goes above & beyond to make sure each of the students are really understanding the work deeply so that they may be most successful Aura Soma practitioners! Her intuitive abilities add an extra gift to the cognitive requirements that the classes fulfill- truly tying the whole thing together! I learned so much - not only about Aura Soma, but about myself, my path, & my work trajectory as a healer as well! It tied together EVERYTHING I love about living in a vibrational world!!! It streamlined all of my previous learnings into a cohesive conglomerate of spiritual tools in my tool belt to aid myself and others as we navigate this life experience! I am so very grateful that I was guided to her course - a phenomenal teacher, a phenomenal woman! If you decide Aura Soma sings to you - I highly recommend Debbie as a guide on this path- you won’t be disappointed!!


Yours in Oneness, 

Freedom Jennings

Debbie's classes are grounded in practical knowledge and flat-out practice -- a chance to try out what you are learning. She is a patient and knowledgeable teacher who gives her best to her students. I would recommend her classes without reservation. - Kirsten Bohl