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Aura-Soma, under the divine guidance, has released the sacred trust of the masters through their respective sacred vapors; The Quintessence's. Each of the masters has their own colour ray or "vibrational harmonic". These subtle frequencies are released through inhalation, and in the process, their wavelength is decoded and the portal between the self and that master is unlocked. It is through your personal master that you have access to the whole spectrum of masters; each master being a specialist at all levels of being.

The Quintessence's bring a more subtle energy into the Aura-Soma system. They work through the astral and etheric levels to facilitate the flow of energy from the inner planes and their function is requested through us. When we use a quintessence we invite into the auric field the most positive energies of the color rays to which they are related. As we do this we are invoking our own qualities into manifestation from deep within us. The Quintessence's help us to accept and recognize our own inner beauty.

There are four elements...Earth, Air, Fire, Water; it is my belief that Quintessence is the fifth Element and can be defined as the highest; purest energies of Spirit. By putting a quintessence on, you are calling on that pure vibration of spirit to assist you but also invoke that aspect of you that has been asleep to awaken and be more active in your life. Therefore when you ask spirit to blend with your world and you blend with the spiritual world; you are allowing yourself to merge with spirit.

Why is it important to use a Quintessence with an Equilibrium bottle and Pomander?

The Equilibrium will help use move through the challenges that the soul is longing to clear, the pomanders clear and protect us on the emotional and mental level and the Quintessence will assist by bringing spirit forward in our daily life. This blend is the helping hand that we are not alone in our journey and this beautiful system that Vicky Wall created which addresses all levels of our being gives us the help we need in the here and now to be at our best every day.

This long awaited flood of Cosmic Power and Knowledge brings in awareness and healing, thus releasing the energy of self-mastery and the potential to access the "Universal Mind".

How to use a Quintessence

Place three drops on the left wrist and gently rub the wrist together. Now extend the arms out and above the head. Once we give this beautiful ray away to the world bring your wrist over your head and dropped this beautiful ray over your head to fall over your body. Now extend your arms out again moving them around your body like your arms are two giant wings. Enfold this beautiful ray around your body. When this is complete bring your wrist up to your nose and take three deep breaths inhaling the fragrance between your hands. Take this beautiful ray into every cell, every atom and all the spaces in between. Doing this daily will strength you connection with Spirit.