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Pomanders work within the electro-magnetic field surrounding the physical body to essentially help protect, cleanse, refresh and strengthening the energetic field around you. The auric body, like the physical, can become damaged for numerous reasons and with regular application of a Pomander it can facilitate positive energies to surround you and filter out any energies that can be harmful. They can also be used as a means to focus our intent and support that part of us at the centre which is at ease.

Every Pomander contains the energies of herbs which consist of 49 different herbal extracts and essential oils, colour and crystals. Each Pomander has predominant herbs which are chosen in accordance with the colour code and associated chakra. Although the 49 herbs are present in all the pomanders their quantities changes according to their colour code. The white pomander is the only exception as it contains all 49 herbs in equal balance. Therefore each pomander can be worked with according to the colour/chakra bringing the most appropriate energies that reflect the indvidual beings needs.

It has been found that Kirlian photography has been able to capture the effects that surround the aura that can last up to several hours after applying a Pomander to the energy field.

Why is it important to use a Pomander with an Equilibrium bottle?

When using an Equilibrium bottle it will bring some issues to your awareness for you to address if you choose. This energy is going to sit in your electro-magnetic field (mental and emotional levels) and it is up to you in how you work with that energy. Vicky Wall founder of AURA-SOMA® knew there were many levels to each of us as beings and so her creation of the pomanders helps to protect and clear the electro-magnetic field. She was aware that simply using an Equilibrium bottle alone wouldn't address this level but using a pomander alongside an Equilibrium bottle would and thus is very important to use in our everyday life.

The Pomanders make up part of the recommendation process through a Aura-Soma consultation. These are decided upon according to the colour choices of the individual. Pomanders can also be worked with according to an individuals needs and by selecting the pomander's that match those needs at a specific point in time and or using intuition.

How to Use Pomanders

Place three drops in your left hand; rub your hands together and then extend your arms out from the body to give these energies to the world. Once this is done, run your hands around your body (about four inches from the physical body); this is your electro-magnetic field (your emotional/mental level). When this is complete bring your hands up to your face and take three deep breaths inhaling the fragrance from between your hands as this will help you to take this beautiful ray into every cell, every atom and all the spaces in between. Doing this daily will strengthen and support the aura around the body.