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Equilibrium bottles

The Equilibrium bottles are at the heart of the AURA-SOMA® system; they are glittering dual colored combinations containing the energies of color, plants and crystals. Vicky Wall, the founder of AURA-SOMA®, conceived them in inspiration. She felt that Equilibrium was a mirror to the soul enabling the individual to recognize in their color choices the reflection of their deeper aspects.

In her book, "The Miracle of Color Healing" (Aquarian Press - out of print), Vicky Wall described Equilibrium as "living jewels". Each Equilibrium bottle contains an upper and lower fraction, oil resting upon water. Within these two fractions may be found the essential oils and herbal extracts of the plant kingdom, in combination with the energies of crystals and gems from the mineral kingdom and the energies of color and light. Taken together these energies may balance the whole of our spiritual selves. Equilibrium may be defined as: the sense of forces or torque coming to zero point. A more perfect or lasting state of balance. It is this very balance of two colored liquids in each of the Equilibrium bottles that form the fundamental basis of the AURA-SOMA® system.

After the initial consultation is complete and the individual has picked their Aura-Soma bottle to work with activation begins once the bottle is shaken. The liquid of the Equilibrium bottle is meant to go on the physical body and is absorbed through the skin (the largest organ of the body) and enters the lymphatic system, to the circulatory system via the blood where it is taken to the appropriate organs and endocrine glands (which adds the appropriate harmonics to the subtle bodies and chakra system).

Once this template is in place the body has an inherent knowing as to what is needed and through sympathetic resonance the body takes what is needed to the appropriate locations.