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Color Essences

Color Essences

The color essences were initially developed by Vicky Wall to use during the day for people to "top-up" their color energies and also as a means of support while working with the Equilibrium bottles.

The color essences can also give you a boost of a particular vibration or color that you desire that might not be known to you but can be brought forth from a consultation.

This still keeps in line with the non-intrusive approach as it helps the individual to work with the color in a subtle way and to feel the positive effects of the color. It also helps to integrate the parts of ourselves that are sometimes too difficult to look at.

Why is it important to use a Color Essence with an Equilibrium bottle?

The color essences provide support if there is a particular color that you may be deficient in. They enhance your choice of the Equilibrium bottle, pomander and quintessence and are crucial in the process of bringing balance back to your full spectrum of being.

How to use Color Essences

The color essences can be used in the bath or also placed on the pulse points of your wrists or temples.