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The ArchAngeloi, often called Archangels, are the guardians of all people and living things. They appear in times of crisis, protecting and guiding the individual. They further open one up to the possibilities of spiritual growth and the resulting evolution. The Archangeloi's are archetypal energies. Depending on what you would like to accomplish will help you decide which one to use. The list of the Archangeloi's and their archetypal energies are below.

  • Archangeloi Michael is the archetypal energies of the Guardian
    (A feeling of not being alone and wanting Special support)
  • Archangeloi Gabriel is the archetypal energies of the Messenger
    (Opening up communication with the Divine)
  • Archangeloi Raphael is the archetypal energies of the Healer
    (Needing support for a peculiar healing process)
  • Archangeloi Uriel is the archetypal energies of the Wise One
    (Creating a connection to Universal Wisdom)
  • Archangeloi Jophiel is the archetypal energies of the Gardener of the Heart
    (Give yourself permission to love again)
  • Archangeloi Tzadkiel is the archetypal energies of the Goddess
    (Being open to the Divine Feminine)
  • Archangeloi Sandalphon is the archetypal energies of the Alchemist
    (Any personal transformation)
  • Archangel Metatron is the archetypal energies of the Lord of Time
    (Healing our timeline)
  • Archangel Chamael is the archetypal energies of the Nurturer
    (Loving our self as we are)

Example of an Archetypal energy:
If I was to say Mother Teresa has the mother energies you would have an understanding of what that entitles as she was always loving and nurturing those around her as well as tending to everyone's needs and always giving of herself.

Another example could be John Wayne; he portrayed the hero archetypal as that is the only roll he could play in his films, he could never play the villain because he did not have that archetypal. Now if we look at Jack Nicholson on the other hand; he could play the villain, joker, and the trickster because he enveloped these archetypals.

One last archetypal I will use is Michael Jackson; he had the Peter Pan Archetype. In looking at how he lived it was as if he was in Neverland and never wanted to grow up. He always surrounded himself with Children.

Why is it important to use an Archangeloi Essence with an Equilibrium bottle?

ArchAngeloi Essences

The ArchAngeloi Essences are intended to bring about a more personal connection with the ArchAngeloi through the subtle fields, when used with the Equilibrium bottle, pomander, and quintessence and color essence of your choice the Archangeloi's anchor that connection with the energy fields surrounding the physical body. They offer the opportunity to see that we have the same qualities of the ArchAngeloi at the deepest levels of our being. It is time for these latent parts of us to awaken. The ArchAngeloi Essences may facilitate the expression of the Light within us out into the world.

How to use ArchAngeloi Essences

Spray over the head, then over the left shoulder and then the right shoulder. The ArchAngeloi Essences are beautifully fragrant sprays to be used for an individual's personal growth and evolution, and also to uplift and transform groups, nations, Humanity, and the Earth.

The ArchAngeloi Essences may give us the ability to be clearer in seeing alternative choices than those of our familial, societal, and collective belief systems. We have an opportunity to leave the path of recurrence (the karmic wheel) where we endlessly fulfill the attraction to our collective patterns. The ArchAngeloi Essences support us to begin to dissolve the habitual thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate these patterns. This leaves us freer to meet our karmic responsibilities and fulfill our intended lifetime destiny (our dharma). The larger gift is that positive change in the Self allows positive change in the Collective.