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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

The Air Conditioners are based on the pomanders and quintessences; there are also four Archangel Air Conditioners available as well. A stronger formula is used than in the pomanders and quintessences as the Air Conditioners are made to cleanse and condition your space or room whereas the other products are more for personal use.

Each Air Conditioner contains a unique blend of herbal extracts and essential oils and when sprayed into a room they release the positive energies of their own color frequency to clear, purify, refresh and condition your space.

As a therapist it is also very useful to use in your treatment room to provide the best positive space for your client and to also clear energies between clients. It can also set the tone for the work that is to be done overall.

For office space, it clears non-beneficial energies that interfere with us to be more productive throughout the day.

In the home it keeps the energies tuned to a higher vibration to support a peaceful loving atmosphere.

Why is it important to use an Air Conditioner with an Equilibrium bottle?

When an Air Conditioner is used with an Equilibrium bottle it continues to help move any harmful energies away from your body and your space. When you begin to see that each of these products are working at a specific level of your auric fields the air conditioners can be looked at as step 6 (please refer to the diagram under "about products") of the process and are cleansing and purifying what you have brought to your energy level when you use your equilibrium bottle, pomander, quintessence, color essence and archangeloi.

How to use Air Conditioners

Just spray the air conditioner in your space and let the beautiful energies do their work. ENJOY!