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About Us

Debbie Blake

Debbie Blake is a U.S. Distributor and certified teacher for Aura-Soma. As a leading practitioner for Aura-Soma with over 15 years of extensive experience with the Aura-Soma color care system and applying a strong expertise in the language of color, Debbie provides training and product supply to those that are seeking her consulting services.

  • Prior to joining with Aura-Soma Debbie owned and served as a spiritual intuitive for Body Memories.
  • From 1996 through 2001, Debbie began working with the Aura-Soma bottles.
  • In 2001, Debbie completed levels 1-3 foundation courses and the Bridge course.
  • In 2005, Debbie completed levels 1-4 teacher courses.
  • In 2007, Debbie became a U.S. distributor for Aura-Soma.

In 1994, Debbie began her spiritual journey and was introduced to an incredibly gifted spiritual teacher who she continues to work with today. After her initial session she asked one question that would change her life. "Is there anything my guides want me to do?" They answered "you need to learn about color", she had no idea what they meant but 6 months later she traveled to Boone, North Carolina for a workshop and was introduced to the Aura-Soma Bottles. Completely drawn to these bottles her teacher worked with her and her first bottle was presented to her; bottle B48 known as the "Wings of Healing"; it's message to her was "Healer... heal thyself" and in that moment the world of color began.

The History of Aura-Soma

Vicky Wall

The founder of Aura-Soma was Vicky Wall. She was born into a Hassidic family. Her father was a Master of the Kabalistic tradition. This tradition was only passed onto male member of the family. Vicky longed for this information to be taught to her but it was not meant to be.

Vicky had a close relationship with her father and he taught her the sacredness of the plants and mineral kingdom. Every plant had a purpose and was not picked until it was needed to be used.

On Vicky's 8th birthday, she came home from school in tears because she had told a friend that her colors were beautiful. Her friends made fun of her and did not believe her. Vicky told her father what had happen and he told her that Colors would be their "Secret" until it was time for them to be revealed to the world.

Vicky's mother died in childbirth. She was raised by her stepmother until the abuse became too much and she left home. She had no further contact with her family and missed her father dearly.

Vicky became an apprentice to an apothecary where she put her knowledge of plants gained from her father into practical use. After that she became one of England's first surgical chiropodists. Vicky set up a clinic with her friend Margaret Cockbain, an osteopath.

Vicky suffered from ill health at age 66 and became blind due to diabetes. She also had a failing heart with massive damage. It was the time to retire. Due to poor investments, Vicky and Margaret lost there life savings and had to move in with their housekeeper. Vicky always said it was the "Divine nudge from the cushion of complacency." Vicky, once again, began to make her creams and lotions.

In early 1980, Vicky's father died. It was said that now that he was on the other side, he could teach Vicky everything she always wanted to know but could not while he was alive. Did he have a part in birthing the Aura-Soma System?

As Vicky would begin her day she would meditate and see waves of color coming to her and receive the message "Divide the waters my child." This happened for three consecutive nights. Vicky would say, "I AM NOT MOSES". Finally one night she went down to her laboratory and said her hands were guided as she mixed ingredients together. She had no idea what she was creating or what it was for.

In 1983, Aura-Soma was born and her beautiful jewels were presented to the world. In January 1991 Vicky made her transition but not before passing Aura-Soma on to Mike and Clauida Booth and Margaret. They continued to take Vicky's vision out into the world. The Art & Science of International Academy of Colour Technologies (AS I ACT) was created as a charitable trust whose main objective is the education in and understanding of color as a tool for consciousness.

For more of the story, read "Aura-Soma Self-Discovery through Colour" by Vicky Wall