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Advanced Four Bottle Pick from a Soul Level

I am excited to share with you as an intuitive and an Aura-Soma teacher what if feel is an advance Aura-Soma four bottles pick from a Soul Level. I have known for years that when it comes to a four bottle pick for you just picking four bottles does NOT give an individual the correct sequence to unlocking your authentic self. In theory every bottle is talking to you but it is asking the correct questions from a Soul Level that real change can happen. The soul knows what you need in the appropriate manner to remove inter resistance. So I have decided to add the Advance four bottle pick to my site along with the question for each bottle pick. This takes the ego completely out of the picture. The time is now to move forward, we no longer have 10 years to do our personal work.

First Question: If you were to go away to a desert island and you could only take one bottle with you which bottle could you not leave behind? It has your signature.

Second Question: What is your soul longing for?

Third Question: What does your soul want you to be aware of here now today in your personal evolution?

Fourth Question: What is your soul sending you? It is a gift that you can have today to help you with your challenge.

What Does Each Bottle Position Mean?

First Bottle Positon: This is your identity on the other side before you incarnated. If an angel came to meet you they would not know you by your name they would know you by your harmonics. When you do a consultation this bottle will continue to change and I asked why. I was told this is an aspect of you that is needed to be accepted and integrated. Once this process is done over time your true Soul bottle will be revealed and never change.

Second Bottle Position: This is what your soul is longing for, to give you your divine gifts but there is an aspect of yourself that is in resistance. This is where your soul shows you your starting point to begin your work. Your soul will ALWAYS show you your sequence to begin unraveling your resentence to allow your divine gifts to flow in to yourself.

Third Bottle Position: This is where your soul is acknowledging you process of spiritual evolving here now today. Good JOB!

Fourth Bottle Position: This is a gift spirit is sending you that you can have today and it will assist you with your challenge bottle (2). You are never alone and spirit is right there working with you.

So this is what I want to share with you to help those individuals who want to pick their own four bottles. An Aura-Soma practitioner can go much deeper into a four bottle pick than what you can receive from any book or website. I would high recommend a personal consultation. If you would like more information, please read the How Our Products Work Together page, and you can always contact me for consultations. It is so very important when one is working with an equilibrium bottle that a pomander and quintessence is also used for support on all levels of the individual. Each product carries its own harmonic energy to assist in personal transformation. If one of the three main products is left out the work is left unfinished. Enjoy!

Pick 4 Bottles

B000 - Spiritual Rescue
B001 - Physical Rescue
B002 - Peace Bottle
B003 - Atlantean / The Heart Bottle
B004 - The Sun Bottle / Sunlight
B005 - Sunrise / Sunset
B006 - The Energy Bottle
B007 - Garden of Gethsemene
B008 - Anubis
B009 - Crystal Cave / Heart within the Heart
B010 - Go hug a tree
B011 - A chain of Flowers
B012 - Peace in the new Aeon
B013 - Change in the new Aeon
B014 - Wisdom in the new Aeon
B015 - Healing in the New Aeon
B016 - The Violet Robe
B017 - Troubador I / The Hope
B018 - Egyptian Bottle I / Turning Tide
B019 - Living in the material world
B020 - Child`s Rescue / The Star Child
B021 - New Beginning for Love
B022 - Rebirther Bottle
B023 - Love and Light
B024 - New Message
B025 - Convalescence Bottle / Florence Nightingale
B026 - Etheric Rescue / Humpty Dumpty
B027 - Robin Hood
B028 - Maid Marion
B029 - Get up and go
B030 - Bringing Heaven to Earth
B031 - The Fountain
B032 - Sophia
B033 - Dolphin
B034 - Birth of Venus
B035 - Kindness
B036 - Charity
B037 - The Guardian Angel comes to Earth
B038 - Troubadour 2
B039 - Egyptian Bottle 2 The Puppeteer
B040 - I AM
B041 - Wisdom Bottle / El Dorado
B042 - Harvest
B043 - Creativity
B044 - The Guardian Angel
B045 - Breath of Love
B046 - The Wanderer
B047 - The Old Soul
B048 - Wings of Healing
B049 –The New Messenger
B050 - El Morya
B051 - Kuthumi
B052 - Lady Nada
B053 - Hilarion
B054 - Serapis Bey
B055 - The Christ
B056 - Saint Germain
B057 - Pallas Athena and Aeolus
B058 - Orion and Angelica
B059 - Lady Portia
B060 - Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin
B061 - Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara
B062 - Maha Chohan
B063 - Djwal Khul and Hilarion
B064 - Djwal Khul
B065 - Head in Heaven and Feet on Earth
B066 - The Actress
B067 - Love from Above
B068 - Gabriel
B069 - Sounding Bell
B070 - Vision of Splendor
B071 - The Jewel in the Lotus The Essence 2
B072 - The Clown Pagliacci
B073 - Chang Tsu
B074 - Triumph
B075 - Go with the Flow
B076 - Trust
B077 - The Cup
B078 - Crown Rescue
B079 - The Ostrich Bottle
B080 - Artemis
B081 - Unconditional Love
B082 - Calypso
B083 - Open Sesame
B084 - Candle in the Wind
B085 - Titania
B086 - Oberon
B087 - The Wisdom of Love
B088 - Jade Emperor
B089 - Energy Rescue
B090 - Wisdom Rescue
B091 - Feminine Leadership
B092 - Gretel
B093 - Hansel
B094 - Archangel Michael
B095 - Archangel Gabriel
B096 - Archangel Raphael
B097 - Archangel Uriel
B098 - Archangel Sandalphon
B099 - Archangel Tzadkiel
B100 - Archangel Metatron
B101 - Archangel Jophiel
B102 - Archangel Samael
B103 - Archangel Haniel
B104 - Archangel Chamael
B105 - Archangel Azreal
B106 - Archangel Ratziel
B107 - Archangel Tzaphkiel
B108 - Archangel Jeremiel
B109 - Archangel Zachariel
B110 - Archangel Ambriel
B111 - Archangel Daniel
B112 - Archangel Israfel
B113 - Archangel Cassiel
B114 - Archangel Raguel