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Quintessence Orion & Angelica


New Beginnings

Master of the Rays: Pink
Basic Theme: " Inner and Outer Travel "
Colour: Pink
Fragrance: Floral and Lemon
Tarot Card: Seven of Swords
I Ching Sign: Lake above, Lake below # 58, "The Joyous Lake"
The Orion and Angelica quintessence assists one to come into synchronicity. Very simply put synchronicity is to be at the right place at the right time. Enlarging on this it is also about an energetic resonance with situations. This essence is for fresh beginnings, and endings, and for journeys where travel is both inner and outer.

Orion and Angelica are excellent companions for inner journeys through meditation. They are helpful also for any journey by air, land or sea. Use as you cross each new time zone when flying to prevent jet lag - you can never apply too much for this use. The disorientation is caused in part by the subtle bodies slightly drifting apart or behind due to the speed involved in driving and flying. This substance will help the subtle bodies to reintegrate this quintessence contains the blue of peace and the pink of caring. Orion according to Greek mythology drew in the night and Angelica brought the dawn. Two great beings drawing the curtains of the sky night and morning.

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