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Quintessence Lady Portia


Mercy and non-judgment
Master of the Rays: Gold
Basic Theme: " Discernment Versus Judgment "
Colour: Gold
Fragrance: Floral and Summery
Tarot Card: Six of Swords
I Ching Sign: Wind above, Water below # 59, "Dispersion" (Dissolution)
The Lady Portia quintessence invokes the qualities of Mercy, Love and Judgment with true clarity from the depths of ourselves. As the saying goes: "Judge not, lest you be judged." Therefore, if wisdom, tact or an equalizing of all factors is necessary, this Quintessence will balance the scales.

Intense re-birth through forgiveness is the promise contained in the mercy and justice of this Master. It is through the vibrational frequencies of the Gold Ray, that we are opened to the compassion necessary to be aware of the differences in others - without discriminations or false judgments. This essence then, opens the way to observe ourselves and others objectively. It brings discernment.

This creates a centered and truly 'enlightened' (wise) state from which we can communicate with constructive, appropriate and polite feedback. Lady Portia allows wisdom and love to "discern" the best solution - without judging it. It further assists to re-gain balance in one's own life when feeling out of control or confused.

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