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Quintessence Lady Nada


Unconditional Love

Master of the Rays: Pink
Basic Theme: "To Diminish Aggression"
Color: Pale Pink
Fragrance: Like that of Roses
Tarot Card: Queen of Swords
I Ching Sign: Mountain above, Mountain below # 51, "Keeping Still, Mountain"
The Lady Nada Quintessence protects the user and changes the conduct of a possible aggressor by accessing the transmutational power of the pink. This essence opens the door to the language of harmony. It helps us to be more receptive to color and sound, and the nuances of caring.

This master Quintessence provides assistance in finding the balance and harmony between male-female inner and outer relationships where there are difficulties of identity within the soul. This vapor harmonizes the energy of personal need with that of concern and caring for another. Lady Nada makes it possible for communication that has been blocked or has the potential to be blocked, to be released and to flow and bring clarity and refreshing new understanding..

This Master can help sound, music, or voices to be experienced as light and Color. Anyone active in the Communications field, will discover through this sacred essence, how to use this healing power to deepen their experience. It has been used to access the feminine qualities of receptivity, intuition, and true listening that the moon can teach us.

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