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Quintessence Hilarion


The deepest Truth

Basic Theme: "To pursue the Way, the Truth, and the Life"
Color: Pale Green
Fragrance: Fresh, like the forest
Tarot Card: Knight of Swords
I Ching Sign: Wind/wood above, Mountain below # 53, "Development" (Gradual Progress)
The Hilarion quintessence aid in harmonizing the user's vibration by making space on the inner plane to get to know oneself better, and provides access to one's own truth and inner wisdom.

Hilarion gives an understanding of things on an emotional level once they have been assimilated on the mental level. By shedding light on the truth we find rest and peace in the midst of stress, thus a true integration is possible. Once this integration happens we "see the light" or "hilarity" of a situation.

Those working with others and using this vapor may be "reminded" to take the time they need for themselves. Further, meditation with this Quintessence may focus one on finding one's own way and acting on one's own truth. In any environment where there is a high level of stress in one's personal or professional life, Hilarion may provide support in making wise decisions.

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