How to benefit from Aura-Soma™

Posted September 15 2014
  1. The Equilibrium bottles are the touchstones of the Aura-Soma™ Color Care System, they help us to see those parts of us that are hindering us from being at our best in mind, body and soul. Using the Equilibrium bottles is just the beginning of the journey as Aura-Soma's product line was developed to assist you in each level of your personal quest for a richer and more fulfilling life. To understand the benefits of integrating the core Aura-Soma products please click here for details.

  2. Incorporate the right Tissue Salts into your daily regimen as these provide support on the cellular level. With thorough knowledge of which Tissue Salts to take and at what time throughout the month and year you will be able to heighten your bodies ability to sustain the necessary adjustments it requires. Please click here for details.

  3. In connection with Tissue Salts it is important to understand where the planets are aligned in order to know which essential tissue salts we need to intake. Due to the ever changing planetary movements it is critical that we also understand the astrological realm and intertwine this aspect with the fundamentals of Tissue Salts. I have had the pleasure to work with Julia Steffey who has extensive work as an astrologer for over 20 years. She has given us an in-depth understanding of the month of April and what we can expect. Please click here to read her complete forecast for April 2012.

  4. Knowledge is key to a clearer understanding of our existing actions and those we need to take in our physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual and emotional levels in order to receive the overall well-being that we seek. Click here to see what classes are coming up and reserve your seat as these classes tend to fill quickly.

  5. Schedule a consultation today!!! The best way to fully understand what will best suit your needs is to have a one on one discussion with Debbie Blake as we are all on our own path in life and each individuals needs must be catered to in a unique manner.